UVS enhances security for major UK prison


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A UK high security prison has utilised the latest video control room technology from Ultimate Visual Solutions (UVS).

UVS has installed a series of upgrades so that operational personnel continue to have the benefits of the latest technology; the company installed a security control room video wall consisting of an LCD video wall and video wall controller at the prison in 2009.

The prison, which cannot be identified for security reasons, has now registered almost 115,000 hours of uninterrupted, 24/7 display operation.

The latest upgrade, which has just been completed, involved UVS installing the latest in LCD narrow bezel video wall technology. UVS is also due to upgrade the video wall controller in the next few months.

In 2016, after more than six years of constant 24/7 operation, the initial system installed by UVS was upgraded to provide the latest in IP CCTV video wall controller functionality and the latest narrow bezel LCD display.

Steve Murphy, Managing Director, UVS said: “We are proud that during our almost 16 years of operation, many clients have relied on us to install their first control room video wall solutions and continued to rely on us to provide multiple video wall upgrades when the technology moves forward.

“The fact that our technology has been in faultless operation for so long demonstrates the high durability and serviceability which are vital in control rooms, particularly those in a high security prison.

“This track record has ultimately led to the customer upgrading its technology with us.

“The upgrades are for operational personnel to continue to have the benefits that the latest video wall technology brings, with new features, the latest operating systems that are fully supported and to ensure all equipment can be fully maintained via extended warranties and annual support contracts, which becomes difficult once installed equipment becomes obsolete.”


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