TDSi confirms free GARDiS installer training for 2024


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TDSi, a UK-based security manufacturer, is excited to announce the latest dates for its 2024 program of free GARDiS installer training sessions.

This will provide professionals with a valuable opportunity to enhance their skills and knowledge.

Career advancement

Conducted in Poole (Dorset) and Haslingden (Lancashire), UK these hands-on sessions are designed to equip installers with the expertise needed for the effective implementation of GARDiS solutions.

Attendees will gain practical insights into the latest advancements in GARDiS technology, covering key aspects such as installation, configuration and troubleshooting, ensuring a comprehensive learning experience.

TDSi’s commitment to empowering installers underscores its dedication to delivering high-quality security solutions.

By offering free training, TDSi aims to foster a community of skilled professionals capable of maximising the potential of GARDiS systems.

“Instil confidence”

Jon Hooley, Technical Support Manager, TDSi commented: “We are pleased to announce the latest set of dates for these free training sessions at venues to suit installers in both the south and north of the UK.

“Our carefully designed training programme ensures that our Authorised Installers acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to effectively install, maintain and upgrade TDSi products.

“Our goal is to instil confidence in engineers, empowering them to proactively oversee their installations, thereby streamlining the process for both installers and end-users.” 


TDSi, an integral part of the Vitaprotech group, specialises in securing physical access through access control, perimeter intrusion detection and intelligent monitoring software.

Established in 1982, TDSi has been a leader in the access control and integrated security management sector for over 40 years, offering a diverse product range for businesses of all sizes.

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