Synectics awarded critical infrastructure contract to protect vital power network


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Synectics has secured a multi-site protection contract for a customer whose infrastructure assets are considered critical to national security.

Responsible for maintaining an energy network that supplies over 3.9 million homes and businesses, the customer required a centralised system to guard against both physical and cyber threats at five key sites – each recognised as a national asset with corresponding levels of access clearance.

The Synectics solution, driven by its Synergy 3 command and control platform, integrates third-party sensors, analytics, cameras, systems, personnel databases and edge devices. The resulting level of situational awareness gives the team – based at the customer’s state-of-the-art Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) – complete oversight and control of security, safety and site-management systems at each facility. As part of the contract, Synectics will also provide a redundant ARC solution for failover scenarios.

The core integrations included as part of the project ensure alerts and responses are linked to and can implement direct control of, door-access systems, intrusion-detection systems, intercom technology and the electrified perimeter-fence systems deployed at each location.

Synectics will conduct a complete system FAT, which includes all specified third-party software and hardware, at its dedicated UK testing facilities.

Given the high-risk, high-security nature of the project, the provider’s ability to system-test at such scale was a crucial factor in the contract being awarded.

The five locations to be monitored from the ARC are government-authorised to trigger armed response units to deal with imminent or actual threats. The solution will, therefore, employ customised workflows to support incident (alarm) validation and protocol-compliant responsive action.

The solution will also see each site equipped with its localised command and control system for on-site management, with the ability to manually and automatically escalate incidents to the ARC team as required.

Cybersecurity was a specific focus of the brief. In addition to meeting technical resiliency specifications with authentication and encryption solutions, Synectics will be providing ongoing cybersecurity consultation, working in partnership with in-house specialists to ensure the continuous development of protective measures.

Martin Bonfield, UK Sales Manager at Synectics, commented: “The perfect alignment between customer requirements and Synectics’ track record in CNI meant the lead integrator came directly to us with this exciting project.

“Our credentials and expert team, coupled with Synergy 3’s ability to remotely integrate and interoperate with any third-party system vital to effective operations, meant we ticked multiple boxes. We are regarded in the industry as a safe pair of hands with the relevant experience and an innovator with the forward-focused technology required to meet all aspects of the brief.”

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