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Stepping up office security with easy-to-use Code Handle


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PINs protect… just ask your credit card company. How many rooms at your office shouldn’t offer an open access, free-for-all? Probably quite a few. But expecting everyone to keep them locked and the key-carrying and-tracking that entails, is unrealistic. This is when you need Code Handle.

This simple, secure, easy-to-fit handle works with your current door lock. There is no need for you to change the door lock mechanism; just replace the existing handle to add PIN security to an office door. With Code Handle, there is no wiring, no expensive access control system and no need for cumbersome physical keys. Two screws fit a Code Handle to almost any interior office, meeting room, archive or storage room door.

The inbuilt electronic PIN pad does the security work for you. Press a four-digit code on the handle’s integrated keypad and the door opens. Code Handle comes with a Master Code and nine different user PINs, so you can restrict access to a select group of people — senior managers, the IT department or the office cleaners, for example.

Code Handle also locks itself. Auto-locking ensures an office, storage room or staff toilet is always secure when you close the door. You know for sure nobody has seen the new org chart you left on your desk, nor entered the stationery cupboard without authorisation.

Simple security, elegant design: why Code Handle is the right fit for offices

With Code Handle, user-friendly security comes with clean, elegant design. Forget about ugly push-button-and-twist mechanical PIN locks. The low-profile Code Handle is brushed in stainless steel and satin chrome zinc, in a sleek design to blend with any modern office décor.

All the security you need is in the handle. Two standard batteries (CR2) slot inside and typically last for 30,000 lock/unlock cycles before you need to replace them. An indicator tells you when it’s time to change them. Code Handle comes in left- and right-hand versions. It is fire tested and enables free exit from the inside of a room.

Code Handle keeps sensitive documents, meeting rooms and personal belongings safe and secure at your workplace. You can’t lock every room, nor install CCTV everywhere. With Code Handle, you don’t need to.

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