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Smart Thermal camera has explosive performance in GIT Security Awards 2020

GIT Security

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Hikvision, the supplier of innovative video security products and solutions, has won a GIT Security Award for its Thermal Explosion Proof Camera (DS-2TD2466T-25X). In a vote by GIT’s security professional readers, the product was hailed as winner in the ‘Fire and Explosion Protection’ category of the popular annual awards.

One focus of the awards is innovation in products – and the Hikvision camera does not disappoint. It uses a vanadium oxide uncooled focal plane sensor to deliver enhanced thermal image quality. It also uses a smart fire detection algorithm to identify potential fire risks by monitoring irregular temperature rises in a sensitive area.

The camera adopts 316L stainless steel material to meet the requirements of environments that have a risk of explosion, like chemical plants, oil depots and gas stations.

Allen Xue, Hikvision DACH Area Manager, says: “We are honoured to receive this award from GIT Security. The fact that this is the result of voting from GIT readers – representing our customers – makes it even more poignant. It’s also interesting that video surveillance cameras do not usually win in the fire prevention category and we believe this reflects the innovative nature of our products. We pride ourselves on using our innovation to solve customer problems and this award is testimony to that goal.”

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