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SIDI Hub: Driving digital identity interoperability


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Seventeen leading open-standard organisations in the digital identity sector have introduced a new initiative known as the Sustainable and Interoperable Digital Identity (SIDI) Hub.

The aim is to establish the requirements for achieving cross-border interoperability in digital identity.

Numerous digital identity initiatives have been initiated or are in progress globally, spanning national and regional scopes and involving both public and private sectors.

However, as of now, there is no recognised scheme acknowledged as fully interoperable across international borders.

The SIDI Hub

To address usability gaps in current digital identity practices, the SIDI Hub was established to expedite cross-border interoperability.

The inaugural summit at TRUSTECH 2023 brought together 120+ experts from 22 countries, emphasising priorities like defining minimum interoperability requirements (75%) and establishing global success metrics (77%).

Attendees, including representatives from the OECD, UN agencies and the World Bank, expressed a shared commitment to championing cross-border use cases (71%), mapping trust frameworks (69%) and identifying contributing organisations (65%).

The roadmap for 2024

Over 90% of participants have voiced their support for the ongoing efforts initiated at the SIDI Hub summit, emphasising the need for continuation into 2024.

  • Identifying champion use cases for cross-border interoperability, serving as a baseline for all workstreams
  • Defining minimum interoperability requirements for priority use cases
  • Mapping trust frameworks across jurisdictions
  • Defining metrics of success

The group has scheduled a series of virtual and in-person meetings throughout the year to propel progress along the defined roadmap.

All organisations engaged in the development, adoption and implementation of digital identity solutions are encouraged to contribute their insights to this significant undertaking.

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