Showcasing Axxon One 2.0: A unified VMS solution

Axxon One 2.0

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AxxonSoft has released version 2.0 of its Axxon One video management software (VMS).

This release encompasses integrations with various physical security systems, new AI video analytics, intelligent search functions, enhanced cybersecurity, improved usability, performance upgrades and expanded cloud capabilities.

The unification feature offers a comprehensive security approach by assessing situations based on data from multiple sources.

This enables the application of complex response scenarios tailored to specific situations.

Axxon One 2.0

Integration with physical security systems: Axxon One 2.0 integrates with physical security systems from various vendors and the universal OPC Data Access Wrapper interface.

This includes access control systems, fire and security alarms and perimeter intrusion detection systems.

Axxon One reads settings from connected devices, automatically adding them to its configuration. It links camera video to events in integrated systems, allowing for interaction configuration through automatic scenarios.

IP device integration: Generic drivers have been developed for ONVIF and leading camera vendors’ devices, supporting almost all IP cameras from a given manufacturer.

Axxon One receives data from cash registers and links it to video feeds, providing a complete picture of events at the checkout and facilitating violation detection.

AI video analytics and intelligent search: New features include dynamic privacy masking, vehicle make and model recognition, similarity search and instant event search.

These tools enhance privacy compliance, provide real time vehicle information, enable quick identification of individuals across multiple cameras and offer a powerful, user-friendly event search in the web client.

Hardened cybersecurity: Axxon One 2.0 ensures end-to-end secure connections using the HTTPS protocol and TLS encryption.

It supports secure camera connections to on-premises and cloud-based Axxon One VMS servers, with a forced change of default passwords and stricter password strength requirements.

Improved performance: Axxon One can now receive and process three or more video streams from an IP camera, optimising resource consumption.

GreenStream works more accurately, selecting the optimal stream to display. Multiple improvements have been made to the performance of AI video analytics, including more efficient use of CPU and accelerators.

Enhanced usability: User rights management has been redesigned for easier administration of large video surveillance systems.

Default camera access rights can be configured for different user roles, and users can have multiple roles simultaneously. The multi-level interactive map supports OpenStreetMap and Google Maps, while the new Alarm Board displays active alarms.

Web and cloud capabilities: The desktop client can now connect to servers in multiple locations via the private cloud and the web client supports viewing live or recorded video from multiple cameras.

H.265 video decoding on GPU reduces CPU load. Axxon VSaaS Datacenter offers new camera-to-cloud connection options and seamless compatibility with leading cloud object storage services.

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