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Atos Computer Vision Platform is a highly scalable end-to-end AI video and image analytics platform.

Atos Computer Vision Platform is the most comprehensive video and image analytics solution on the market today and it combines a full offering, bringing together a set of pre-trained and customisable AI models, enriched by consultancy expertise with six CV labs worldwide, based on high performance hardware and software.  

Atos Computer Vision Platform enables organisations to process and analyse massive amounts of complex video and image data in real time so that they can automatically monitor, manage and improve working practices whilst improving security and surveillance processes to guarantee people and asset safety – all across a wide range of sectors such as manufacturing, transport and retail/airport security, with many different tailored use cases.

An extensive range of use cases

AI video and image analysis is used in many various use cases, such as transport safety and traffic monitoring, quality control in manufacturing and location tracking.

Atos Computer Vision Platform is the only solution able to serve such a wide variety of use cases, from manufacturing to smart city management and airport/retail security to crowd movement monitoring. Data collected from such implementations can provide many valuable insights to businesses which in turn can be used to reduce error rates, guarantee people and asset safety and to offer frictionless and personalised customer experiences.

Software stack

This offering leverages Ipsotek VISuite as the core element of the software stack. VISuite is a versatile AI video analytics (A.I.V.A.) platform that automatically raises alerts from existing CCTV cameras and/or video management systems (VMS). Ipsotek VISuite converts video data (ONVIF streams) into real time, actionable intelligence to optimise safety and security across operational and commercial areas.

From cloud to edge

Atos Computer Vision Platform provides video and image analysis across the full spectrum, meaning it can be managed from the cloud or on an edge server for real time video analytics. Atos proposes a range of servers to deploy computer vision at the edge in real time, close to the data source – with BullSequana Edge nano and BullSequana Edge servers which can be installed anywhere, the BullSequana SA20G server has high storage capacity and the BullSequana X451 server has maximum GPU density.

Elitsa Bakalova, Senior Professional Services Analyst at Technology Business Research remarked: “Atos stands out among IT services providers with its ability to offer a computer vision platform, combining its own software suite, hardware range and AI computer vision labs to deliver holistic advice-build-run solutions to clients addressing their business needs at scale.

“Integrating pre-trained and customisable AI models in hardware improves Atos’ ability to drive profitable growth through automation and recurring revenue streams.”

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