Security features for transparent windows on documents launched by Veridos


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Veridos is unveiling its new security features which specifically target the transparent window areas on ID documents.

The areas the company is targeting are Amber ID, Diamond ID and Spectre ID.

While the trend in recent years has been to use transparent elements on polycarbonate ID documents, Veridos is looking to further enhance the security features by adding more complexity with a goal to produce documents that are easy to verify and at the same time difficult to duplicate.

Amber ID, Diamond ID and Spectre ID are the latest in a long list of new techniques and technologies developed by Veridos in the field of document security to protect IDs against counterfeiting.

Amber ID appears as a metallic, optically variable window with a positive-brilliant photo of the document owner. When backlit, the window with the motif becomes almost transparent, while in front light it looks like a golden metal leaf that turns green depending on the viewing angle. As the pigments are integrated and not printed, it is the ideal solution for a brilliant personalisation in a transparent window.

The Diamond ID feature helps to unambiguously verify questionable documents. It is fully transparent in day light, while it glows brilliant white under UV light in synergies with laser engraving, thanks to special smart colour technology developed in collaboration with C.S.T (Crime Science Technology).

Spectre ID, on the other hand, is a further development of Veridos’ well known Magic ID feature, which sets static images in motion. When the card is tilted, the images appear to move. Thanks to Spectre ID, this effect can now also be applied to the transparent window areas of cards and data pages in combination with the repeated holder’s image.

As the latest generation of transparent security elements, the new functions embody an evolution for ID documents. A modular system makes it possible to combine these functions.

This also applies to Veridos’ “Look ID” feature, the transparent stripe, spanning the entire data page, which is used in the current passport of Latvia, for example.

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