Four ways to power security in large sites and open areas


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Getting clear views over a large area – such as a major traffic intersection, a warehouse, or a parking lot – isn’t always a simple task. It typically calls for multiple cameras and extensive cabling to be installed at a variety of locations, in order to cover the entire field of view.

But when it comes to installing hardware, the requirements can differ widely from one scenario to the next. For example, when applying security in public squares or large stadiums, it is ideal to compose a complete overview of the scene in ultra-high definition and with consistently high-quality imaging through changing weather conditions. For situational awareness in smaller spaces, such as stores or conference halls, a vertical viewing angle is preferred over 360-degree coverage. And the list goes on.

Hikvision takes these requirements and so much more into account. Our range of security solutions not only help customers increase their on-site security with complete coverage, but add value with components that simplify their day-to-day security and business operations. These include Hikvision’s PanoVu Series Panoramic Cameras, Ultra Series PTZ Cameras and Fisheye Cameras, as well as the newly released line of TandemVu PTZ Cameras.

Flawless panoramas with extraordinary imaging

In large open sites like sport stadiums, plazas and intersections, common security challenges are often about the large security scale, which requires several cameras to cover all corners of the view. This results in increased costs and difficulties in deployment. On the other hand, a large scene also indicates a need for HD images, so that security operators can enlarge the imaging to see details.

Cameras like those in Hikvision’s award-winning PanoVu series make a perfect choice here. The PanoVu panoramic cameras integrate multiple lenses into one unit, which means one PanoVu can cover an area that previously required multiple cameras, reducing product installation and management costs.

Thanks to the company’s advanced image stitching technology, PanoVus stitch images together to generate a single, seamless panoramic picture with 180° or 360° coverage, allowing security operators to enjoy a vivid and consistent viewing experience that’s more true-to-life. These advanced products offer impressive, high-definition imaging, with a maximum resolution of 32 MP, ensuring smooth video image preview and playback.

Pan, tilt and zoom at any moment

In some cases, security coverage in critical areas becomes primary. When events happen, it is important to view the close-ups with high-definition detail. Commonly challenging scenarios include public squares with multiple entrances, waiting rooms at transit stations and similar areas. Traditionally, complete security coverage requires a high number of IP cameras, but this may not be a cost-effective solution when events rarely take place. In this case, PTZ cameras become a great fit.

One advantage of PTZ cameras is their automatic patrolling capability. That means security operators can set rules for the cameras to monitor needed areas with defined duration, frequency and timing, to name a few. Additionally, Hikvision’s Ultra-Series PTZ Cameras feature ultra-high optical zoom – 42x, for example – to cover expansive areas. That allows security operators to zoom in on an object which is farther away, ensuring clarity in the details.

The Ultra Series cameras’ night vision capability is also stunning, as they incorporate Hikvision’s signature DarkFighter low-light technology which enables excellent HD images to be captured in light conditions down to 0.0005 Lux.

Big picture and small details in one view

There are also situations where a security view with wide-angle coverage needs to be maintained at all times, yet close-ups are needed for awareness if an incident occurs. An example can be a busy outdoor parking lot at a shopping mall. Due to the high volume of traffic entering for parking, facility managers need to be on high alert about where congestion takes place and make sure that customers park successfully without hassle.

Accidents can happen in the rush of finding a parking space. It would be very helpful for facility managers to understand what happened and where and dispatch security staff immediately to site, help tackle the situation as needed and clean up the intersection for other cars to pass through.

By using Hikvision’s new TandemVu PTZ cameras, facility managers can now maintain focus on both “viewpoints” simultaneously – monitoring large areas for overall situational awareness and zooming in on specific incidents for event management. Hikvision TandemVu PTZ cameras incorporate multiple lenses in one unit, providing big picture and small details in tandem. In this way, facility managers gain the “best of both worlds” with maximum security and reassurance.

When smaller areas need complete coverage

In places with less space to cover, such as retail stores and meeting rooms, complete coverage with situational awareness is often the first security priority. However, in this kind of scenario, objects blocking a camera’s line of sight throughout the floor are inevitable – such as shelves or other displays, for example. Therefore, a vertically-oriented view from the ceiling to the floor provides better coverage of a whole area. Fisheye cameras play their best roles here.

Hikvision Fisheye Cameras are among the most sophisticated on the market today. Featuring top-of-the-range Immervision lenses, they deliver a wider angle of view, less distortion and sharper, more detailed images than many other cameras on the market, which results in more natural images once they have been dewarped.

Incorporated with deep-learning-based AI applications such as heat mapping, intersection flow analysis and people counting, Hikvision fisheye cameras empower users with a wealth of data for business analysis, reporting and smarter decision-making. 

Efficient centralisation

All these devices and technologies need to be managed and this is where a powerful VMS like Hikvision’s HikCentral Professional comes in. Security operators can view real-time information via HikCentral Professional video management software, cruise around in panoramas, or zoom in and out. They can also use the gathered insights from video feeds to respond to events effectively and in real time.

Secure more with more assurance

Hikvision strives to help professionals from many walks of life stay confident and assured with future-shaping technologies, just as our advanced cameras address security challenges in protecting large sites and open areas. Apply for a smart trial today for a hands-on experience with Hikvision’s high-performance products – now guaranteed with a five-year warranty. Also visit the website to learn more. You can further explore the Hikvision digital showroom for complete Hikvision product lines, core technologies, scenario-based solution packages and more.  

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