Securitas reveals new program aimed to certify security professionals

Securitas reveals new program

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Securitas has launched a program aimed at certifying 10,000 officers as data centre security and safety professionals.

This initiative highlights the critical role of trained professionals in addressing the evolving security challenges within data centres on a global scale.

Securitas’ certification program

Since the establishment of the Global Clients Data Centre Group in 2023, Securitas has taken a significant stride forward in enhancing the skills of its security officers through a certification program aimed at effectively managing the diverse security challenges posed by data centres.

According to the company, the significance of big data and cloud services is undeniable.

Data centres play a pivotal role as central hubs for storing, processing and disseminating digital information, facilitating various aspects of our daily digital interactions.

As the global data centre market is poised for substantial growth, security emerges as a paramount concern.

Data centres encounter a multitude of security threats, spanning from human error and system failures to natural disasters and cyber-attacks.

These risks highlight the imperative need for specialised security measures to safeguard these critical infrastructures.

By equipping a significant number of security officers with the expertise of Certified Data Centre Security Professionals, the company reaffirms its commitment to delivering top tier security services for data centres worldwide, ensuring the safeguarding of these indispensable assets.

Excel in tackling security challenges

Bert den Hartog, VP, Global Clients Data Centres said: “The Certified Data Centre Security Professional training is an example of Securitas’ dedication to providing security solutions tailored to meet the challenges in the markets where we operate.

“With over 15,000 hours of total training, upon completion, more than 10,000 participants will attain the certification, showcasing their best in class proficiency in safeguarding these high security facilities.”

At the core of this training lie essential focus areas including stringent physical access control, emergency response protocols, ethical standards and professional conduct.

Securitas’ certified data centre professionals will excel in tackling diverse security challenges while effectively handling other critical duties, thereby minimising the reliance on additional personnel and reducing the likelihood of human errors.

Functioning as vigilant observers, Securitas’ certified data centre professionals will bolster client safety by identifying potential hazards and enhancing operational practices.

Through collaborative efforts and cultural reinforcement, our clients will have the opportunity to enhance their own environmental, health and safety (EHS) programs, fostering a safer and more efficient work environment.

“Necessary expertise and skills”

Milton Plet, SVP, Head of Securitas’ Data Centre Group commented: “We understand the pivotal role data centres play in today’s digital landscape.

“That is why Securitas is investing in our professionals, ensuring they have the necessary expertise and skills to provide best-in-class protection for our clients.

“In the same way as security officers tasked with protecting fire-prone facilities must possess expertise in fire safety, our data centre specialists need extensive knowledge in all peculiarities of data centres”.

Introduced on 12 February, the training will seamlessly become part of the Securitas Global Clients Academy, accessible to all Securitas officers working in data centres for ongoing development.

Securitas‘ initiative not only enables the team to improve skills and promote professional advancement but also serves as a fundamental course for new recruits.

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