New partnership in Saudi Arabia further enables businesses to remain cybersecure and compliant

Saudi Arabia businesses cybersecure compliant

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CyberArrow and Mobily have announced a new partnership to boost cybersecurity compliance across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The cybersecurity automation company has collaborated with the telecommunications provider to help businesses protect their data and remain compliant with standards in the face of a range of digital threats.

As Saudi Arabia increases its efforts to ensure that businesses and organisations are remaining compliant with new standards, CyberArrow and Mobily will be focussing on enhancing their customers’ awareness whilst providing modern technology to navigate challenges.

Amar Basic, Co-Founder, CyberArrow commented: “We are excited to partner with Mobily to provide comprehensive cybersecurity compliance automation to businesses in Saudi Arabia.

“With Mobily’s deep understanding of the local market and CyberArrow’s expertise in automation, we are well-positioned to help businesses stay protected and in compliance.”

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