RSPNDR expands guard response service into Europe


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RSPNDR has taken its first step into Europe with the launch of its network in the Netherlands.

The company utilises its cloud platform to collect alarm events and then pass details directly to the nearest available guard in their network. The guard is then tasked and guided to the site to inspect the property, work to identify the cause of the alarm, complete a digital report with photographs and, if needed, call emergency services and work to secure the property.

The entire process is automated to improve the speed of response and reduce cost, meaning that RSPNDR can offer property owners a guarantee of 30-minute response time for less than a £1 a week, with up to two callouts each year included in the subscription.

“We are excited to expand our network beyond the UK into the NL,” said Mark Zimmerman, CEO, RSPNDR. “We have grown to become one of the largest alarm response companies in the world managing tens of thousands of callouts each year throughout North America and Europe.

“Our technology and business model is revolutionising the alarm response marketplace. In the last year, we have proven to be 40% faster than traditional keyholder services with an average response taking just 26 minutes.

“We are excited to be expanding beyond the UK into other European territories where I think our technology and business model will allow us to deliver compelling new propositions to these markets.”

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