RightCrowd seeking specialist systems integrator partners for unique program


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RightCrowd is launching a new Systems Integrator Partner Program designed to cultivate relationships with established integrators specialising in large PACS.

Those with the vision to transform the industry’s digital transformation journey into new pathways to annual recurring revenue (ARR) are ideal partners for this unique program.

Unlike conventional reseller programs, RightCrowd’s plans are built on the premise of refreshing existing SI relationships and establishing new SI relationships with a limited number of partners with premium level benefits; this includes project registration, extensive training and support tools, minimal to zero risk for system deployment responsibilities and enhanced customer retention based on a lucrative subscription-based SaaS model.

Dan Ireland, Vice President, Partners and Alliances, RightCrowd said: “RightCrowd offers advanced workforce access PIAM analytics, automation and presence control software solutions for enterprise scale end users.

“Our software positively impacts the experience of everyone that interacts with or manages an access control system and delivers significant ROI in a relatively short period of time after deployment.

“Effectively deploying our award-winning solutions requires a solid foundation of skills and experience with enterprise deployments of PACs technology. Partnering with SIs that focus on enterprise PACS solutions presents the best opportunities for RightCrowd to help their clients capitalise on the data generated by these systems, while creating sizeable revenues for their organisations.”

The key for qualification and participation in this exclusive SI partner program lies with aligning RightCrowd’s target customer profiles with an SI’s customer base.

Ideal customers typically manage thousands of identities across multiple locations.

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