ProdataKey and Altronix future-proof premium office tower for tenants


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Fairbourne Station is a new, 40-acre, mixed-use development in West Valley City, Utah, that combines residential units, retail space, a hotel and Fairbourne Office Tower, a nine-story commercial building with an adjacent parking structure. This office tower is also the new headquarters for Wasatch Property Management (WPM), the residential division of Wasatch Commercial Management (WCM), which happens to be one of the premiere, commercial real-estate developers in the Mountain West.

New office buildings need security on Day One. However, securing a building that still contains several vacant floors and office suites, as well as a reduced on-site workforce due to the pandemic, is far different from securing a bustling, commercial office tower.

That difference in needs is what spurred Salt Lake City’s Summit Technology to work closely with Joanne Marshall, WCM’s property manager for Fairbourne Office Tower, to design and install an access control solution. This solution met both the property’s immediate needs and the evolving demands that will surely arise as more tenants move in.

The pdk io system, manufactured by ProdataKey (pdk), offered just the right balance of features and flexibility, with the capability to seamlessly scale up as needed.

Summit Technology, an IT solutions provider, describes itself as “not your typical security integrator, MSP, or VAR.” Serving as a curated technology partner to its clients, the company seeks to bring expertise and creative, outside-the-box thinking to its customers’ complex business challenges.

Val Reynolds, Summit Technology’s Vice President of Infrastructure and ISP, explains that it was his team that designed and installed the pdk io access control system: “As a technology company, we do a lot of different things really well and pdk is one of them. We understood from the get-go that this was a project we’d need to install in phases. Right now, we’ve deployed a solution that’s just a fragment of what we can ultimately build out for the entire complex.”

There were several reasons that the pdk solution was an obvious choice for the Fairbourne Office Tower, according to Joanne: “We wanted a system where if someone got locked out of the building, I could unlock the door for them from my phone. You wouldn’t need an access card. It also needed to be easy to use. In addition to my other responsibilities as the property manager, I’m actually the one issuing cards and managing the system.”

Jeffrey Blumel, Summit Technology’s installing technician, adds, “The pdk io system offers Bluetooth readers that are especially popular since COVID. As long as you have your phone with you in your pocket, you can just wave your hand in front of the reader and the door unlocks. You don’t even have to touch it.“

Also, in the minds of WCM’s decision makers, pdk and Summit Technology already had a proven track record. Summit Technology has installed pdk io systems in several of WCM’s other properties. There was a comfort level both with the technology and with the team supporting the implementation.

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