PKE Gulf WLL selects barox Ethernet video switches for flagship oil refinery project


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In its flagship project, one of the largest regional oil companies in the Middle East has chosen to secure its multiple refineries with Ethernet/PoE video switches, supplied by the global manufacturer of professional video switches, media converters and IP extenders, barox Kommunikation AG.

Today, the leading Middle East oil company produces high-quality Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG), Gasoline, Kerosene, Turbine fuels and many other oil derived products.

Installed over the last year, the multiple refinery IP security surveillance installations were specified and installed by large-scale project management experts, PKE Gulf WLL.

As part of the overall contract and reflecting the standards of the leading regional oil company’s  own state-of-the-art production processes and highest quality products, PKE Gulf WLL installed a variety of barox professional Ethernet switches to provide reliable and robust video transmission and PoE to network devices, including several hundred high-performance IP security surveillance cameras.

Operational 24/7, oil & gas refineries operate within strict safety regulations and where safety, security and process continuity are all key criteria in the success of a plant. Good communication, CCTV surveillance covering every aspect of the refinery and security measures on perimeters and IT networks all need to be highly effective, employing only the most robust solutions. Integrated into Milestone VMS control software, the high-end barox-based video surveillance systems specified provide the leading oil company with HD video camera images and smooth frame-by-frame video, for the effective security of dedicated areas within the refinery premises and perimeters.

Unlike with data switches, the barox video switches supplied are specifically designed for the high demands of video security networks and include sophisticated built-in cybersecurity, with strong network hygiene. Alongside this, the barox switches employed allow simple integration into third party Video Management Systems and active PoE management and reporting, along with the ability to monitor and operate energy management for all connected devices across the network. To support ease of use and system reliability, barox interactive topology maps support simplified device management, diagnosis and functionality in daily use.

Critical security for challenging environments

Safety measures across oil and gas facilities and infrastructure must be kept as effective as possible, on a constant basis. The reason for this is that the raw materials being processed at these sites are usually highly flammable and explosive. “Oil and gas projects, refineries and pipelines are some of the most demanding environments in the world to secure,” says Peter Schatz, Managing Director of PKE Gulf WLL. “Extreme temperatures, remote locations, poor or no light conditions, hazardous and technical processes and significant numbers of personnel, are all elements that make safety and security both difficult and essential. With the barox Ethernet switches specified, we’ve delivered a series of highly robust and secure video networks, along with reliable networked PoE.”

Luis Coello, Sales Director at barox EMEA commented: “We are delighted to supply PKE Gulf WLL with our specialised industrial Ethernet switches, for yet another demanding high profile and innovative surveillance project. The oil and gas sector is one of the most demanding verticals to support and one where barox successfully competes by supplying strong emphasis on reliability and durability. 

“The fact that a regional leader in oil and gas has selected barox for this flagship project tells of their commitment to high-end hardware, which can satisfy the needs for high powered PoE – in a region renowned for its high humidity and extremely high temperatures. We look forward to further supporting the petroleum industry, with barox best-in-class cyber secure switches designed specifically for the demands of professional video security applications.”

For more information on the barox range of professional video switches, customers can contact barox on: Tel: +971 50 468 0120, email: [email protected] or visit

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