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PERCo presents speed gates with sliding panels


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The ST-02 Speed Gate is distinguished by its luxurious design, which allows installation at sites with high aesthetic requirements.

Key features

ST-02 Speed gate with sliding panels provides a perfect touch-free solution for access control and convenient passage upon an intensive flow of people without queues at the entrance and exit.

ST-02 is equipped with 60 pairs of optical sensors, which control the passage zone. Sensors allow you to prevent tailgating and provide a safe passage for children and pets.

The speed gate is available in two versions: with a standard passageway width of 600 mm and an increased one of 900 mm. It is possible to install readers and controllers under the post covers.


ST-02 Speed gate is made of stainless steel and tempered glass. Due to its elegant design and functionality, this model is often installed in major companies’ offices, transportation facilities and industrial enterprises.  

Speed gates are designed for checkpoints with increased requirements for design and convenience. The main advantages of such turnstiles are touch-free access control and high throughput of more than 60 persons per minute. The turnstiles are made of stainless steel and tempered glass. PERCo speed gates range includes models with swing and sliding panels.

PERCo Speed Gates

Speed gates could be equipped with panels of different heights and widths. The increased height of the swing panel prevents attempts of jumping over the speed gate. The increased passage width allows organising an additional emergency exit, as well as a passageway for people with reduced mobility. PERCo speed gates are used to organise access control at the transport or entertainment facilities, business centres and offices, educational or public institutions all over the world. 

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