PERCo presents new compact speed gates

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The new ST-11 Speed gate is distinguished by its compact design, which allows installation within limited areas. The length of the ST-11 Speed gate post is only 1200 cm. Due to its compact aesthetic design and functionality the model is suitable for almost every area.

Despite its compactness, ST-11 is equipped with 48 pairs of optical sensors, which track a person in a target area. Sensors allow you to prevent tailgating and provide a safe passage for children and pets.

Depending on requirements, it is possible to choose certain types of top covers:

• Artificial quartz stone top covers with increased durability

• Stainless steel top covers, which simplify installation of optional equipment

ST-11 can be equipped with five types of swing panels. It is possible to choose swing panels of standard size or increased width and height.  

The ST-11 Speed gates are produced in various modifications:

• Modification with a built-in barcode scanner

• Modification with a built-in card capture reader

Integration possibilities

• It is possible to install scanners under post covers

• Optional equipment such as face recognition terminals can be installed with the use of front panels and brackets, designed for this purpose.

PERCo Speed Gates 

Speed gates are designed for checkpoints with increased requirements for design and convenience. The main advantages of such turnstiles are touch-free access control and high throughput of more than 60 people per minute. Turnstiles are made of stainless steel and tempered glass. PERCo speed gates range includes models with swing and sliding panels.

Speed gates could be equipped with panels of different heights and widths. The increased height of the swing panel prevents attempts of jumping over the speed gate. The increased passage width allows organising an additional emergency exit and a passageway for disabled people.

The swing panels open automatically upon a pass. PERCo speed gates are used to organise entry areas at the transport or recreational objects, business centres and companies’ offices, educational or public institutions all over the world. 

PERCo is one of the leading Russian security systems and equipment manufacturers ranking among the top five global market leaders with 34 years of expertise in the security market and successful export to 92 countries worldwide.

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