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ISJ Exclusive: Smart ways to save energy


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Experts at Paxton explain how an access control system could help businesses save energy and cut costs.

Energy prices across Europe are increasing and, coupled with rising consumption during the winter months, businesses and households are looking for ways to save energy.

Paxton, the international technology manufacturer, provides security systems and products that are useful tools to help save energy. To instil confidence in its customers when installing or configuring Paxton products, the company also offers free training and customer support globally.

Paxton’s access control system range includes Net2 and Paxton10, which are perfect for settings like schools, offices, hospitals, shops and factories.

Net2 is a straightforward PC based access control solution that allows centralised administration of sites, providing features that are ideal for access management. Paxton10 is a web-based software, combining access control and video management on one platform whilst offering Multi-site management for up to 100 sites.

Both systems provide features that can monitor building activity and help limit energy wastage when integrated with other building systems such as lights, heating or air conditioning.

Chris Hodge, Functional Architect at Paxton, told International Security Journal: “Security systems do not consume much energy during standard operation, and they can be used to control activities on site to limit energy use, using ‘Triggers and Actions’.

“Using the standard events within the access control software, the systems can also be used to turn off power to equipment that is not in use. Therefore, they can help save energy to reduce environmental impact and save money on bills.”

Triggers and actions enable automated events

Triggers and Actions is a powerful feature for Net2 and Paxton10; it is a series of rules that control building activities, managing users’ accessibility and integrated appliances.

Steve Woodbridge, Paxton’s Global Training Manager, explained: “Using the feature to control energy consumption, site managers can set ‘when the intruder alarm is armed’ as an event. When the system receives a signal that the event has happened, it will then trigger the action, which can be to switch off the lights.

“Net2 provides an Occupancy Management feature that works well with Triggers and Actions. The two features working together allow site managers to set a rule to turn the lights or heating off when the occupancy level in a designated area reaches zero.

“Triggers and Actions for Paxton10 adds flexibility by incorporating constraints. These constraints ensure that a condition is true before an action takes place. For example, if the rule is to switch on air conditioning when a person enters the office, the constraint can be set to ensure windows are close before doing so.”

Remote site management saves in-person visits

Paxton offers the Paxton Connect app, which enables remote site management. Building administrators can control their sites from anywhere in the world via their phone or tablet.

Woodbridge continued: “With Paxton Connect, building managers can minimise the need for site travel or out-of-hour trips by navigating the systems remotely. If an appliance is left switched on after working hours, they can login to the software and turn it off without travelling to the site.

“These features make building management smarter and more efficient, helping to reduce energy wastage and save on bills.”

Energy saving readers

Net2 Proximity Energy Saving Readers are ideal for limiting energy consumption. The readers are specially designed with a cover to detect and retain a user’s card which turns the power on and off, saving energy in a simple and automated way.

Woodbridge added: “The product works like a power switch and can be fitted to an individual machine or all utilities. When a person leaves a room and takes out the card, the appliances such as lights and air conditioning will automatically turn off as it’s like switching off the main power.

“This can avoid any machinery being left switch on by accident, so saves energy when they are not in use.”

Low power wireless security

Paxton’s wireless door handle range, PaxLock Pro, can be an efficient option if site managers are looking for energy-friendly smart locking door handles. They are compatible with Net2, Paxton10 or work as standalone security devices.

Hodge explained: “PaxLock Pro is a battery-run product and is efficiently designed to consume minimal energy to operate, for which the batteries generally last around two years.

“PaxLock Pro will enter a sleep mode when not in use, requiring minimal energy. When a user approaches the handle with a token, built-in capacitive sensors will wake the unit and be ready to read the token. This minimises energy consumption, especially at night or over weekends when the handles are in less use.”

One-on-one experience through world class training

To ensure the needs of its customers are met throughout the sales process, Paxton offers free hands-on training and customer support in all their active territories, including the UK, the US, France, Germany, South Africa, the Middle East, Scandinavia and Benelux.

Paxton provides in-person and virtual training sessions, maximising convenience for its customers. These are organised for Net2 and Paxton10, providing essential and advanced training courses. Training on Paxton’s Standalone products, Switch2 and Compact is available as well.

All the training sessions are for installers to join without any cost. Moreover, the team has trained approximately 4,133 installers, globally, this year (until August).

Woodbridge concluded: “If installers want to learn and know more about Paxton products and how to get the most from them, they are welcome to participate in our training. There is no requirement to buy our products before joining.

“We are here to teach installers how to install products and troubleshoot issues efficiently. We want to instil confidence when they are on-site fitting kit and provide them with the knowledge they need to help their customers find the best product for their individual needs.”

Paxton also has a dedicated team of technical support experts to help customers troubleshoot any issues they have when configuring systems.

Contacts of the International Support teams can be found by visiting: https://www.paxton-access.com

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