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Data and images from Panomera systems now available via 4G or 5G


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With immediate effect, users now benefit from the advantages of the patented Dallmeier “Panomera” multifocal sensor systems at locations with only 4G or 5G connectivity. All that is needed is the “Mountera Box with SRS Edge” with the Edge recording system and a suitable LTE, LTE+ or 5G module.

From cities to airports and further to industrial operations of all sizes: customers appreciate the advantages of Panomera multifocal sensor technology. These include a precisely plannable minimum resolution over the entire area, highest image and data quality and optimal allowance for differences in dynamic settings. In operational deployment, this means minimal expenditure for infrastructure and overall costs as well as the ability to incorporate any number of “virtual PTZ camera perspectives” in one overall image instead of being reduced to a limited number of PTZ systems. When capturing data for analysis, multifocal sensor technology also delivers consistent image and thus also data quality over the entire area.

Seamless integration in total systems

Until now, however, there have been limits to the video streaming of Panomera cameras at “remote locations”, such as large construction sites, solar parks and any other location with poor network infrastructure. But now, the technology from Germany is available to users even without the requisite connection: With the installation of a 4G or 5G router in the “Mountera Box with SRS Edge”, the waterproof mounting box from the Mountera product family, all current Panomera systems can be connected via a mobile network.

“More and more customers also want to use the excellent image quality and high effective resolution of up to 190 megapixels offered by Panomera systems even at sites where a good quality internet connection does not exist,” says Christian Linthaler, Sales Director National & International at Dallmeier. “With the “Mountera Box with SRS Edge”, this problem has been solved. In creating this solution, we paid particular attention to making sure that it can be integrated seamlessly in the total system and a ‘makeshift workaround’ would not be needed.”

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