Panasonic i-PRO and WCCTV provide high performance mobile surveillance solutions


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Panasonic i-PRO US Intelligent Surveillance has recently entered into a technology partnership with Wireless CCTV LLC (WCCTV) to offer high performance wireless transmission solutions over state-of-the-art 4G LTE networks. The reciprocal agreement enables authorised Panasonic i-PRO systems integrators and reseller partners to integrate WCCTV wireless solutions for delivery to their customers and for WCCTV to offer their customers wireless surveillance solutions that integrate Panasonic i-PRO cameras.


The combination of imaging and surveillance solutions from Panasonic i-PRO with WCCTV’s proven 4G LTE Wireless Network technology fulfils users’ growing demand for rapidly deployable surveillance solutions that feature the ability to be easily relocated to areas of immediate interest.


“WCCTV’s innovative approach to wireless transmission employing 4G LTE technology delivers the performance or integrity our customers demand for professional applications,” said Bill Brennan, President of Panasonic i-PRO Sensing Solutions Corporation of America. “We believe the addition of WCCTV’s wireless transmission technology to our growing portfolio of solutions further enhances our position as an end-to-end supplier of comprehensive surveillance and access control system solutions and strengthens our mid-size municipality vertical focus.”


“The marriage of WCCTV’s wireless solutions with the globally renowned performance of Panasonic i-PRO’s imaging and surveillance solutions is a win-win for both our companies, our reseller partners and the customers we all serve,” said Adam Haworth, Executive Vice President at WCCTV. “We look forward to working with Panasonic i-PRO and their integration partners to help existing and new potential users resolve longstanding surveillance issues related to traditional wired network connectively.” 


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