Palantir and Crisis24 partner on risk management

Risk managment - partnership between Crisis24 and Palantir

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Palantir Technologies Inc., a builder of operating systems, has announced a strategic partnership with integrated risk management firm Crisis24, a GardaWorld company, to transform security and risk management with the power of artificial intelligence (AI).

According to the companies, this multi-million dollar long-term strategic partnership will help to reshape security and risk management by leveraging critical information to provide clients with innovative solutions, data-driven insights for results-oriented decision-making that meet their everyday challenges.

Leveraging Crisis24’s expertise and depth of knowledge in crisis management and intelligence, Palantir’s Foundry operating system will enable users to identify trends and provide comprehensive analysis of emerging risks around the world as well as develop new offerings for the public and private sectors.

By providing the ability to manage the full scale and complexity of their data, Palantir’s Foundry software will help Crisis24 to deliver enhanced analytics and insights on topics such as crime, terrorism, health, transportation and geopolitics.

AI-driven insights combined with human intelligence will identify trends as they arise and allow for the delivery of actionable, tailored information to its clients. With an improved ability to understand the threat landscape with Foundry, Crisis24 says it will be able to improve resilience for organisations.

“Every organisation must be able to understand, anticipate and react effectively to risks as they evolve,” said Alex Karp, Co-Founder and CEO officer of Palantir Technologies. “This requires leveraging the massive amount of relevant data out there and distilling it down to usable insights. We are proud to partner with industry leader Crisis24, and parent company GardaWorld, on this challenge.”

“This strategic partnership is a paradigm shift in the delivery of security risk intelligence. It will allow Crisis24 to conquer new frontiers as the most powerful and advanced source of risk intelligence and analytics in the world. We are privileged to partner with Palantir, a world-renowned software and AI powerhouse, as a strategic growth ally to maximise Crisis24’s full-service integrated risk solutions,” said Stephan Crétier, Founder, President and CEO of GardaWorld and Crisis24.

“More importantly, we are bringing together two entrepreneurial companies who are leading in their fields to uniquely leverage the power of man and machine.”

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