New partnership to strengthen organisational cybersecurity in Romania

New partnership to strengthen organisational cybersecurity in Romania

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In Romania, LogRhythm has teamed up with ALEF Distribution RO to introduce fresh cybersecurity innovations.

By utilising LogRhythm’s Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) platform, this partnership aims to enhance the cybersecurity readiness of organisations in Romania and contribute to the country’s economic expansion.

The collaboration empowers ALEF Group to equip its customers in the region with threat mitigation tools to safeguard against the most recent cyber-threats.

Vincent Peulvey, Regional Sales Director Europe, LogRhythm said: “Romania is undergoing exciting economic development and its IT sector is a huge growth driver of this.

“However, with such a significant advancement of technology development, cyber-criminals are advancing their strategies and taking advantage of network vulnerabilities.

“With advanced persistent threats (APTs) and ransomware attacks on the rise, organisations need to make sure that every element of their business is protected.

“Through our partnership with ALEF, we are taking the fight against new and evolving cyber-threats to Romania and enabling organisations to own their security outcomes.”

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