OPTEX Group to showcase new outdoor sensors and bespoke detection solution at SICUR


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OPTEX and RAYTEC, both OPTEX Group companies, will be exhibiting at SICUR with their Spanish speaking team to showcase its new outdoor detection sensors and the latest suite of LED lighting solutions and engage with the market.

OPTEX sales, marketing and technical team, will be attending Spain’s largest security fair to support successful growth in the Iberian region and to have the opportunity to hear the voice of the market. Part of the engagement is to showcase the new outdoor sensors, including the QXI series a family of compact, outdoor sensors that complements the existing suite of short-range outdoor PIR’s. A particular benefit of the new range is that the sensors are specifically designed to be mounted at heights of up to 2.7m, making them less obvious to intruders and out of reach from vandals. The sleek design makes them ideal for both residential and commercial buildings and the sensors will trigger both intruder alarms and CCTV.

The event will also see the preview in Iberia of VXI-CMOD, OPTEX’s 180° day/night Wi-Fi camera module that can be easily integrated with its best-selling outdoor sensor VX Infinity (VXI) to create a visual verification solution. The VXI series provides highly reliable outdoor detection and is used for both residential and commercial applications, detecting intrusions in courtyards, gardens, driveways and secured car parks.

For larger and bespoke projects, the team will demonstrate how LiDAR technology can be tailored to suit niche applications, including transportation, critical infrastructure, museums and other high value assets. The award-winning laser RLS-2020 series is now Grade 3 compliant meaning it can be added to indoor graded intrusion alarm systems, giving installers the opportunity to enhance site security by adding virtual walls and ceilings, as well as thrown object detection.

Corinne Vaughan, Regional Sales Manager for RAYTEC, says: “SICUR has been a great event for us in the past and I look forward to exhibiting there again.” Milton Acosta, Regional Sales Manager for Iberia, adds: “SICUR provides the ideal platform for OPTEX and RAYTEC to connect with our partners, discuss projects, technical requirements and gather industry feedback, as well as showcase a selection of our new solutions that are generating greater demand across Iberia to potential future customers.”

Beside its core intrusion detection portfolio, OPTEX will be showcasing its innovative ViiK vehicle sensor, which has been named as part of the SICUR Innovation Gallery 2020 by a panel of industry experts. ViiK’s technology combines both microwave and ultrasonic waves to detect vehicles for a range of operations, while having the ability to ignore human traffic. The sensor requires no civil engineering works and can be easily mounted on the ground, making it ideal for historic city centres or other locations where digging is not possible. ViiK sensors can also be part of a solution to trigger ANPR cameras and LED lights to increase the capture rate of number plate recognition systems. The values of adding LED light on enhance the performance of not only ANPR systems but also security and safety applications will be demonstrated by RAYTEC.


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