OPTEX to showcase its intrusion detection solutions at SICUR 2022


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OPTEX will be exhibiting at SICUR with its Spanish speaking team to showcase a range of solutions for creating an effective multi-layered security system. It will also be demonstrating how its award-winning LiDAR detection sensors can play an integral role in asset protection and access control.

OPTEX’s sales, marketing and technical teams will be on-stand to talk customers through the complete suite of advanced security solutions and how using different technologies can be utilised to provide highly accurate and highly reliable intrusion detection, based on layers of protection suitable to a whole range of applications from data centres, industrial facilities all the way to large entertainment facilities.

For fenced perimeter applications, OPTEX will present its suite of fibre optic technology, which provides long lasting detection system to the highest critical infrastructure standards. The tracking ability of OPTEX’s long range volumetric detection sensors, which are ideal to protect wide open areas, will be demonstrated on the stand. For asset protection and access control, OPTEX will demonstrate the intelligence, versatility and accuracy of its LiDAR sensors, including its new award-winning REDSCAN PRO.

OPTEX will showcase in a live demonstration how the LiDAR, with its intelligent onboard sensing analytics, can be used to create a high-resolution virtual laser wall to protect assets on a wall, or a virtual laser plane to protect a roof or a ceiling. OPTEX will also demonstrate how the LiDARs can create virtual doors to accurately detect unauthorised personnel gaining access to a restricted area or moving objects from a protected area. The analysis of the object’s size, speed and distance from the sensor enables LiDARs to locate exactly the position of the object.

“As Spain’s largest security event, SICUR provides the best opportunity for us to showcase our solutions to the Iberian Market and deliver an interactive on-stand experience where all of our sensors will be live for visitors to see how our different technologies work to meet the needs and demands of every environment,” says Milton Acosta, OPTEX Regional Sales Manager for Iberia.

“That’s why we will have the whole local team there to connect with the market. We pride ourselves on our focus on innovation and SICUR will be no different, as we will demonstrate the enhanced configuration, functionality and flexibility of our recently launched long range ONVIF profile S compliant REDSCAN PRO LiDARs. Additionally, for the intrusion market we are delighted to preview our new range of Grade 2 compact and pet tolerant indoor sensors, which we will be launching and rolling out this year.”

For more information, visit: www.optex-europe.com

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