Octava Defence showcases security technologies at ASIS Europe 2024

Octava Defence showcases security

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At the ASIS Europe 2024 international security event in Vienna, Austria, Octava Defence, a Ukrainian company, showcased its latest software and hardware solutions designed for addressing security challenges in critical infrastructure.

Octava’s technologies

One presented innovation was the SPHERE unified critical infrastructure protection platform, which integrates radar control, smart video surveillance and sound-ranging acoustic systems to provide real time data visualisation, analysis and control for comprehensive threat detection.

These solutions cater to various sectors, including industrial enterprises, airports and power plants, demonstrating Octava Defence’s commitment to providing versatile and effective security solutions.

Additionally, the company has developed targeted solutions for specific security needs, such as border protection systems and solutions for public safety.

For instance, the FENEK sound-ranging acoustic system allows for real time detection of dangerous sound signals in crowded areas, facilitating rapid response by relevant services.

Reliable and effective solutions

Similarly, the ZIR smart video surveillance system offers precise visual monitoring for enhanced situational awareness across different environments.

According to the company, its emphasis on innovation and development reflects its dedication to staying ahead of evolving security threats and continues to showcase reliable and effective solutions to meet the ongoing challenges in safeguarding critical infrastructure.

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