Obvious Technologies collaborates with Emaar during Dubai’s New Year’s Eve celebrations

Obvious Technologies

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Obvious Technologies, a software editor of Digital Twin platform embedding comprehensive Command & Control (C2) suite for security and mission critical operations, has announced that it was selected to provide smart surveillance, advanced incident management and automated workflows capabilities to support operations during the most prestigious celebration event in the UAE at Emaar Downtown Command Center.

OODA (standing for Observe-Orient-Decide-Act), a unique in-house 3D Data Visualisation platform and C2 solution suite was shortlisted and approved by Emaar, the master developer of the Burj Khalifa and one of the largest real estate companies in the world, for its capacity to bring their operations to a next level, where passive approach becomes proactive and predictive, by transforming raw multi-source data into actionable intelligence, along with machine learning-based decision-making support and maneuver tools.

The project initially started by improving real-time monitoring and alerting (based on thousands of cameras, displayed on all Emaar facilities), along with integrating with existing video management systems and analytics technologies offering already automatic detection capabilities and meta data collection. Moving forward from traditional Physical Security Information Management (PSIM) approach, OODA offers Emaar the opportunity to display cameras, alarms, field agents but also any smart data on a 3D map, to automate Standard Operational Procedures (SOPs), dispatch response teams once the incident is confirmed and last but not least, feed and display customised interactive dashboards.

Meline SOULIE, VP Marketing & Development of Obvious Technologies, said: “We are very proud and honoured to have been chosen by Emaar to support them during the 2022 New Year’s Eve celebration. Our innovative approach and raison d’etre is based on digital technologies supporting and serving professionals as a transparent but added-value layer of human missions. Emaar teams can then 100% focus on their accumulated experience and expertise, while leveraging new information, communication, coordination and analytics capabilities to save precious time, which is of the essence in their operations. This project marks an inaugural milestone in the long-term collaboration we expect to develop with Emaar for the upcoming years. We would like to thank Emaar for trusting our company and developing together a visionary approach as a pioneer of future Intelligent Operations Centres (IOC) by the implementation of new-generation tools such as OODA.”

Salem Alblooshi, from Emaar Security Group, said: “OODA provided amazing added-value during the New Year’s Eve event for Emaar Security Group by introducing us to Digital Twin and related immersive data visualisation experience, offering us actionable data and an advanced toolkit set by only leveraging more efficiently data from our legacy systems. Emaar Security Group acknowledge the efforts made by Obvious Technologies during one of the most prestigious celebration events in the UAE where their teams have provided a high performance of carrying out this activity which led to its success. We feel enthusiastic and confident that the implementation of OODA at Emaar venues will help us improving our global operations, not only in safety & security, with a real positive impact on our customers’ global experience and satisfaction.”

Naoufal El Ouali, VP Executive and Co-Founder said: “We are proud to become part of Emaar’s digital technology ecosystem and support them with our cutting-edge solutions. Collaborating with Emaar is a fantastic opportunity for us to explore further on the power of Digital Twin for the corporate world and advocate for a disruptive change of technical architecture, operational approach and commercial mindset in the market. Facing and managing concrete scenarios, processes and real-time data is the most effective way for us to permanently improve our solution OODA and anticipate future requirements based on what mature and demanding end users need in the region.”


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