Dahua makes key upgrades to AI range


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Intelligent. Simple. Inclusive. These are the key value of Dahua WizSense, a series of wide-range AI products developed by Dahua. Following these principles, Dahua has continuously developed additional AI features to deliver accurate detection, quick target search, simplified operation and inclusive AI products for customers.

WizSense is a series of wide range AI products and solutions that include IPC, PTZ, NVR and XVR. It adopts independent AI chip and deep learning algorithm to focus on human and vehicle and extend its AI capability relevant to image, streaming, searching, etc.

False alarms of a surveillance system are very annoying. Dahua AI cameras focus on human and vehicle targets, which broadens the applications of SMD (Smart Motion Detection). The demand for SMD applications has become more and more diverse, with higher requirements depending on each scenario. Dahua has integrated the latest deep learning algorithm into SMD 4.0, which helps reduce false alarms caused by small and large animals.

In addition, the newly added Quick Pick technology integrates IP cameras with AI NVR to achieve human/vehicle search based on AI algorithm. It greatly saves labour costs and increases the accuracy of results compared to manual checking on SMD events. For example, after detecting a suspicious target on the monitoring screen, you can quickly retrieve the relevant video on the same day through Quick Pick and then further locate the target of interest from the video, greatly reducing the search steps and saving valuable time.

There are two main drivers of WizSense’s product. The first one is AI algorithm and technology evolution. With the constant evolution of AI technology, more AI extended functions have been developed, from human and vehicle detection to animal exclusion detection, as well as intelligent bit stream to save storage cost. Intelligent products like WizSense – which now offers Quick Pick and AI SSA – accelerate the benefit and development of AI technology and let more people experience the convenience brought by AI.

The second aspect is customers’ continuous demand for products that offer more new functions and better user experience. Just like the development of product resolution from 720p to 4K and 8K, users’ requirements for product accuracy, extended functions and operability have also evolved.

There have been two main upgrades to WizSense. First, the Quick Pick technology that allows searching based on extraction of clothing and vehicle colour and comparison with those in the database. This feature significantly narrows down the search results to locate the footage of the target of interest. It can be applied in various scenarios such as retail shops and shopping malls to quickly search for a human/vehicle target or trace the movement path of a suspect during and after an event.

The second feature is AI Scene Self-Adaption or AI SSA. It adopts deep-learning algorithm to identify various specific scenes (e.g. rain, fog, backlight, low light, flicker) and adjust the image parameters accordingly to ensure the best image quality. It can be applied in outdoor scenarios where frequent weather and light changes occur. It doesn’t require configuring image parameters one by one, which saves time and labour costs.

To know more about these two new features, check out this demo video:

After an event, searching through massive amount of surveillance videos for suspects and evidence costs a lot of time and effort. With WizSense IP camera and Dahua AI NVR, the Quick Pick technology can help users to easily search for and pick out human and vehicle targets from the SMD event videos, prioritising the highest matches and reducing searching time. This function is only available when WizSense IPC is connected to a Dahua AI NVR. For system integrators, this function combines IPC and NVR to form a systematic solution, which can achieve more long-term value.

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