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New IDIS Cloud Manager enables enhanced site management from any location

Cloud Manager

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The newly released IDIS Cloud Manager gives users enhanced control of their surveillance operations from any location, using their chosen web browser on mobile devices, laptops and desktops for secure cloud access.

Making it simple and safe to manage sites remotely, the IDIS Cloud Manager allows more flexible, centralised management of surveillance for every level of authorised user, including senior managers, general administrators and frontline security officers.

IDIS Cloud Manager comes with an intuitive interface that makes configuration and network changes hassle-free, enabling more responsive, efficient and flexible operations, as demonstrated in the short IDIS Cloud Manager video.

Organisations using end-to-end IDIS video can connect their individual facilities or branches to the cloud with just four simple steps, at no additional cost and benefit from automatic updates including new features and functions.  

Once the system is in the IDIS Cloud Manager, users can remotely set-up recorders and cameras and check the status of network access for sites and devices, all from an intuitive dashboard.

Authorised operators can then securely access the system to view live, playback, receive alarms and push notifications, quickly screen print or backup and export video clips.

They can search up to 64 channels simultaneously via time lapse, event, text-in or simple time movement. Users also benefit from smooth fisheye dewarping and IDIS Smart UX Controls including ‘Sling Shot’ and ‘Rubber Band’ functions which allow users to easily follow moving objects with high accuracy, panning images at different speeds and in different directions, with an option to pre-set up to ten layouts and utilise two-way audio.

“IDIS Cloud Manager gives customers a new level of operating flexibility, making it easy for authorised operators to use and manage their sites and take advantage of IDIS’s powerful video functions anytime and anywhere,” says James Min, Managing Director, IDIS Europe.

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