Milestone Systems joins CVE Program

Milestone Systems

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Milestone Systems has joined the Common Vulnerability and Exposures (CVE) Program as a CVE Numbering Authority (CNA) to help enhance cybersecurity transparency.

The community-based program aims to identify, define and categorise publicly disclosed vulnerabilities.

Organisations across the world are partnered with the CVE Program. As part of their work, these partners find and share vulnerabilities and publish CVE Records with clear details about the issue.

This subsequently assists IT and cybersecurity experts, enabling them to discuss these major problems and work together to fix them.

“Milestone Systems is committed to transparency”

“Milestone Systems is committed to transparency in cybersecurity across our business,” commented Thomas Jensen, CEO, Milestone Systems.

“As responsible technology becomes a license to operate, we believe that people have the right to feel safe knowing that they can trust video technology.

“As a CVE Program partner, we will now publish mitigated vulnerabilities to the wider community, which will allow Milestone to coordinate and address potential issues even more effectively.

“This will further enhance our cybersecurity and continue to build trust in our XProtect open platform video management software.”

Cybersecurity vulnerabilities will continue to be reported via Milestone’s website – registration will now be under CVE ID number.

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