March Networks launches subscription-based video solution at ISC West

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March Networks has launched a new subscription-based video solution called March Networks CloudSight.

The cloud-based service is tailored to small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) and quick service restaurants (QSRs). March Networks CloudSight delivers a seamless direct camera-to-cloud video experience and is fully integrated and operational with Searchlight Cloud, the company’s advanced AI-based data analytics and business intelligence platform.

By combining the insights generated from AI-based video analytics and data from other sources such as POS systems and other IoT devices, business operators can now get a complete view of their operations, for both enhanced security and strategic decision-making.

“Combining March Networks CloudSight with Searchlight Cloud data analytics represents a significant milestone in the evolution of cloud-based surveillance and business intelligence solutions,” said Peter Strom, President and CEO of March Networks. “This unique solution addresses the security and loss prevention needs of our customers while simultaneously providing them critical insights into their day-to-day operations. We are pleased to be making this offering available in an affordable and easy subscription model. We believe this is the future of video surveillance, and March Networks is leading the way.”

March Networks CloudSight simplifies surveillance

March Networks CloudSight simplifies security by eliminating the need for an NVR, offering a plug-and-play solution. It allows users to access video data anytime, anywhere, and integrates advanced AI analytics for better security and efficiency, ensuring data security with robust encryption—all cost-effectively tailored for small businesses.

The March Networks CloudSight offering includes new additions to March Networks AI-enabled camera line up with built-in analytics – the CS+ and CS Series. Both provide metadata to enable intelligent video evidence retrieval, resulting in faster, simpler investigations.

CS+ Series Cameras (12MP 360° dome and a 5MP dome) feature essential analytics as well as Deep Search, which uses AI to improve accuracy and search functionality. This includes:

  • Attribute Search uses specific attributes (e.g. gender, age group, clothing or vehicle color, vehicle type) to quickly and accurately find the person or vehicle of interest.
  • Re-Search allows users to search for the person or vehicle of interest and tracks their activities across all cameras in the system.
  • Profile Search involves uploading face images or saving face images from Deep Search to view a specific person quickly and efficiently.

CS Series Cameras include essential analytics such as intrusion, loitering, and tripwire detection, abandoned object and object removal, blocked exit detection, and scene search. Scene search allows users to analyse a specific scene by using intrusion, line crossing, or loitering detection on recorded video. The CS Series includes two 5MP dome cameras and a 2MP dome.

Flexible cloud offering

March Networks CloudSight offers flexible storage solutions to meet the unique needs of SMBs in various vertical markets. It includes 30-days of internal video storage per camera, with extended cloud storage solutions available for 30, 60, 90, 180 and 365+ days

March Networks CloudSight’s integration with March Networks Searchlight Cloud Business Intelligence platform combines high-quality video surveillance with transaction data (POS systems, ATMs etc.) and business analytics to help businesses cut losses from theft, oversee operations, improve service, and drive profitability. Smaller businesses benefit from real-time actionable intelligence via alerts for critical events and suspect transactions, while tracking KPIs and incidents across all locations and over time through intuitive dashboards.

This provides small and medium-sized businesses with a suite of analytics that report on transaction data, traffic analysis, conversion rates, speed of service, queue management, dwell times, drive-thru metrics, blocked exits, loitering detection, security and intrusion events, and much more. This integration not only enhances security but also provides invaluable data for optimizing operations, improving the customer experience, and supporting strategic business decisions based on data.

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