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LogPoint ranked #1 and named Leader in the 2021 Data Quadrant Report for SIEM Tools by SoftwareReviews


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LogPoint, the global cybersecurity innovator, has been named a gold medalist and ranked as first overall in the 2021 Data Quadrant Report for Best Security Incident and Event Management (SIEM) Tools by SoftwareReviews, a leading source for insights on the software vendor landscape, with a total score of 9.2/10 compared to the 8.2 SIEM industry average.

“We’re extremely honored to be ranked as the overall #1 and leader by SoftwareReviews in the 2021 Data Quadrant for Best SIEM Tools. I’m particularly proud that we are ranked as #1 when it comes to creating business value for our customers and the fact that 92% of our customers are likely to recommend LogPoint to their peers,” said LogPoint CEO Jesper Zerlang.

SoftwareReviews’ Best SIEM Tools Data Quadrant is based on peer reviews by IT and security professionals, ranking LogPoint as #1 in 13 out of 22 evaluation criteria in two main categories, “Vendor Capability” and “Product Features.”

Overall #1 on Vendor Capability

• Business value created
• Quality of features
• Product strategy and improvement
• Usability and intuitiveness
• Vendor support
• Easy of data integration
• Ease of customisation
• Availability and quality of training

Overall #1 on Product Features

• Analytics and reporting
• Data enrichment
• Log collection
• Scalability & network performance
• Threat intelligence

Source: SoftwareReviews 2021 Data Quadrant Report for Best Security Incident and Event Management Tools, October 2021

“While providing great Cybersecurity technology is key, we never lose sight of the business value objective and helping customers accelerate time-to-value is a key priority for us. Our 95% score in Vendor Support, which is the highest satisfaction score anywhere in the 2021 Data Quadrant, is a testament to this,” said Jesper Zerlang.

SoftwareReview’s 2021 Best SIEM Tools Data Quadrant report is published on the heels of LogPoint’s recent announcement of advancing its foundational cybersecurity capabilities by including SOAR in its core SIEM solution. The integration of native SOAR into LogPoint’s SIEM platform introduces an unprecedented level of automation, increased speed and precision in incident response, bringing SOAR to organisations of all sizes.

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