LEGIC and PassiveBolt unveil SSI application for EV charging stations at ISC West 2024

LEGIC and PassiveBolt unveil SSI application

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PassiveBolt and LEGIC Identsystems have announced a new partnership and are set to showcase their solution at ISC West 2024 on Booth 18019.

The collaboration’s first demonstration is the use of SSI technology in activating EV charging stations through verifiable credentials in digital identity wallets.

By leveraging KeyShare (PassiveBolt’s digital identity wallet and SSI platform) and LEGIC’s security modules capable of processing verifiable credentials, this application paves the way for broader adoption of SSI applications for improving user experience, privacy and security.

LEGIC and PassiveBolt

  • Hospitality access control: Transforming the guest experience, this application allows hotel guests to access their rooms and facilities using digital keys in their identity wallets
  • Workplace security: Combining logical and physical security for more efficient workplace environments through digital credentials that enable access control and identity verification for employees
  • Smart City applications: Facilitating access to public transportation, municipal services and more, improving the convenience and security of urban living
  • Healthcare ID management: Offering secure and private management of healthcare IDs and records, simplifying patient and provider access to facilities and information

“The vast potential of SSI technology”

Kabir Maiga, CEO, PassiveBolt commented: “This showcase at ISC West 2024 is just the beginning of our journey.

“Through our collaboration with LEGIC, we’re excited to explore the vast potential of SSI technology in creating more secure, private and seamless experiences for users everywhere.”

Felix Puetz, Head of Business Unit Mobility and Smart City, LEGIC added: “Our partnership with PassiveBolt exemplifies our commitment to pioneering secure and innovative solutions.

“The integration of SSI technology with LEGIC’s hardware is a game changer for industries seeking to enhance privacy, security and user experience.”

Both companies invite ISC West 2024 attendees to its booth 18019, offering a first hand look at the future of digital identity solutions and its application in various industries.

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