LEGIC Connect Go platform enables Y Soft’s newest authentication solution

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LEGIC Identsystems has announced that Y Soft is the latest technology provider to use its mobile security platform, LEGIC Connect Go. Y Soft chose LEGIC Connect Go for its newest solution, the YSoft MFX Mobile Reader, a companion solution to the YSoft SAFEQ print management and document capture platform.

The MFX Mobile Reader provides user access to printers through the convenience and security of a smartphone app.

By focusing on hygiene, ease of use and security, the YSoft MFX Mobile Reader accurately authenticates users via Bluetooth or NFC. The MFX Mobile Reader has the LEGIC SM-6300 Security Module embedded and takes advantage of LEGIC’s 24/7 high-availability service backend for credential distribution and user onboarding.

LEGIC Connect Go – Automatic mobile credential delivery

With LEGIC Connect Go, printing service providers can grant or sell registration keys to users via PIN, QR or bar code. Afterward, printing service providers can leave it to LEGIC Connect Go to automatically deliver mobile credentials linked to the registration codes on-demand. The service is available round-the-clock, whenever and wherever authorised end users request them.  

Helping manufacturers reduce costs

Y Soft provides contactless readers to the world’s leading printer manufacturers. The ability to deliver readers that easily integrate with a wide variety of printers is therefore crucial.

“In addition to secure, touchless printing provided by the YSoft MFX Mobile Reader, our “One-Reader Strategy” leverages software antenna adjustment and multi-standard compatibility provided by the LEGIC SM-6300 Security Module,” said Jan Sudik, Product Marketing Director, Y Soft. “This means the same reader can be adapted to work with many printers from different manufacturers. This radically reduces the number of different readers we need to design, manufacture and stock.”

LEGIC Connect Go enables the MFX Mobile Reader to deliver many key features:

  • 24/7 operation: No always-on service backend or user management required – LEGIC provides round-the-clock credential distribution.
  • Secure air interface: All communication is encrypted and does not use UID for authentication.
  • Automatic antenna adjustment: The LEGIC SM-6300 Security Module provides software-controlled antenna adjustments allowing it to work in many different environments.
  • Smartcard support: In addition to the mobile app, the MFX Mobile Reader supports smartcards based on LEGIC advant, HID or NXP standards.
  • Two-factor authentication: Smartphone supported PIN, fingerprint or facial recognition can be leveraged to provide extra security.
  • COVID-safe operation: Users never need to touch the printer.

For details about LEGIC Connect Go, visit www.legic.com/connect

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