KuppingerCole Analysts predicts the EPDR market to reach 33.8bn USD by 2025


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The increase in malware and ransomware attacks has led some companies to look for more efficient solutions. Many cybersecurity vendors have combined Endpoint Protection (EPP), which encompass next-generation anti-malware, application controls and URL filtering with Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) solutions, as it simplifies deployment and management for customers.

This combination, Endpoint Protection Detection & Response (EPDR), is considered efficient because it combines malware prevention and post-compromise detection and remediation capabilities into a single agent. EPDR solutions log activities centrally, allow administrators to examine endpoints remotely and facilitate enterprise wide investigations and proactive threat hunts.

This global context is favourable to the growth of this market. KuppingerCole research indicates that the EPDR market is growing steadily, showing no signs of major ups and downs in the near future. This can be explained by the maturity of the market and by the obligation for all end-user computers, smartphones and tablets to have EPDR clients installed, preferably with up-to-date subscriptions.

Moreover, the Compound Annual Growth Rate estimated for this segment reaches to 17.8%, which is an indicator of stability rather than exponentiality in the forecast. KuppingerCole Analysts predict that the EPDR market will reach 33.8 billion USD dollars by 2025. This growth can be attributed to the increasing number of computing devices which need EPDR protection as well as the continuing proliferation of malware-based attacks such as ransomware.

Currently, the regions that lead the coverage of this solution in the market are North America and EMEA, followed by APAC. Other regions are lagging in EPDR uptake, but that is likely to improve.

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