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Strategic partnership announced between KEYper Systems and iDter


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KEYper Systems has announced a new strategic partnership with iDter.

This strategic partnership provides KEYper Systems and its network of agents full access to iDter’s security solution and services, which have been proven to thwart 98% of crime without the delays or high costs associated with human intervention.

Through the alliance, KEYper has the rights to embed the iDter Niō Guardian system in its products and sell the entire iDter commercial security system directly to KEYper clients.

Current users of iDter include automobile and agricultural dealerships, commercial and multi-family buildings, retail outlets, hotels, restaurants, schools, utilities facilities and any location with outdoor assets requiring protection for equipment, parked vehicles, loading docks, dumpsters, construction supplies and/or structures.

“Our partnership with iDter helps us provide a robust solution to our clients who report ever-increasing incidents of vandalism and crime against their outdoor assets and property,” said Steve Baucom, President of KEYper Systems.

“In addition, we plan to embed Niō Guardians in our MX and MXi Key Management Systems to provide vigilant protection of our clients’ keys and assets.”

“We are pleased to engage in this strategic partnership with KEYper Systems, the leader in protecting and managing keys and dealer assets,” added Greg Ayres, iDter Vice President Marketing and Business Development.

“KEYper has a strong reputation in the vertical markets that benefit from our fully-automated deterrence system that detects crimes in seconds – because time matters! KEYper will now be offering an outdoor security system that is faster, more effective and at a lower price point than monitored cameras or security guards.”

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