Exclusive: Why key control helps our access control pandemic


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Tim Purpura, Global Vice President, Marketing & Sales at Morse Watchmans, Inc. details the benefits of electronic key control.

Author Alvin Toffler penned many quotes in the 1970s that are still relevant, such as: “Our technological powers increase, but the side effects and potential hazards also escalate” and “If you don’t have a strategy, you’re part of someone else’s strategy.”

The world is connected through technology and we are aware of its potential hazards when we let our guard down. Without a strong, thorough security plan, we fall victim to cyber and physical security crime; a “someone else’s strategy” that we do not ever want any part of.

Yet, security breaches, active shooter situations and theft, drug and gun trafficking crimes keep happening all over the world. Opportunistic criminals find security vulnerabilities, often preventable, and mastermind plans to ruin lives and destroy businesses.

We are sometimes too complacent that “everything is just fine” and “theft and cybersecurity breaches happen to other businesses, but not mine.” When we allow complacency to delay important security audits, there could be just that one time when a major security breach occurs.

Solving the access control problem

The world has a serious access control problem, a global security pandemic caused by the lack of investment or misuse of security technology resources that have been available to us for years. When we invest in and limit access to information, data, inventories, weapons and people, business crime and theft can be significantly reduced and prevented.

Access control security strategy includes security guards, police, watchdogs, turnstiles, fences, gates, firewall protection for network servers, electronic card readers, combination locks, traditional locks and keys and electronic key control.

Access control in any form is paramount to business security plans, yet security is much stronger when access control technology is integrated, tracked and optimised. Electronic key control is a proven and robust method of access control and a pillar of protection against security breaches. These systems can be integrated with other electronic access control software technology for an even bigger picture of actual time security.

Physical keys have been and will always be in the world for years to come. Electronic key control systems lock and store keys inside the key cabinet and release them only to assigned authorised users. Authorised users can only remove a key to which he or she has permission to use.

Key control restricts access to buildings, areas of buildings, supply closets, vehicles, computer server rooms and hardware, weapons and more. Administrators can see what keys are out, who has them and when they are due to be returned. Networking and the immediate access to data ensures that locked doors can be opened or opened doors can be locked when needed. For added protection, an overdue key, an open door or even the misuse of the keypad will trigger an alarm and record the event in the log.

The system records every key transaction and ensures that the last person to take out any keys can be identified. Audit trails are immediately available through a reports function.

Key control and management systems are a fundamental access control solution and help to ensure security for any building or site. Key control is a proven, tried, trusted and true technology which protects against security breach incidents that contribute to the global access control pandemic.

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This article was originally published in the January 2022 edition of International Security Journal. Pick up your FREE digital edition here.

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