ISJ Exclusive: Precise, reliable and comprehensive AI solutions

ISJ Exclusive: Precise, reliable and comprehensive AI solutions

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International Security Journal discusses the Dahua WizMind Series with Lisa Li, Product Manager, Dahua Technology.

ISJ June Edition Exclusive

Can you tell us more about the Dahua WizMind Series?

Dahua WizMind is a full portfolio of solutions composed of project-oriented products including IPC, NVR, PTZ, IVSS, thermal cameras and a software platform that adopts industry leading deep learning algorithms.

We have carried out WizMind AI promotions for three consecutive years (2020, 2021 and 2022), constantly enriching applications, improving accuracy and bringing value to users from all fields. With product updates and iterations as well as continuous improvements in hardware performance and deep learning algorithms, we have launched the 2023 WizMind AI Campaign.

Focusing on customer requirements, we provide precise, reliable and comprehensive AI solutions for both public and private sectors, including retail, energy, finance, transportation, etc. It focuses on four applications including human, vehicle, thermal and ecosystem, supporting every field with various AI functions and strong hardware.

How does the Dahua WizMind Series utilise deep learning algorithms?

You can imagine a product with integrated hardware and software, with deep learning algorithms as one of its basic software. Deep learning algorithms for different AI functions are all developed and optimised by a unified platform independently developed by Dahua called Jinn Platform.

WizMind uses high end hardware with stronger computing power, enabling the device to run various AI algorithms, such as Privacy Protection, People Counting, Video Metadata and so on. The latest WizMind S series and WizMind X series could even support two algorithms to be enabled simultaneously. A unified software architecture is also adapted, making algorithms work well and getting the best effect in various chips.

Thus, deep learning algorithms are not directly utilised by products themselves, but by a specially designed software platform based on customers’ needs and the capacity of software and hardware. It’s worth mentioning that the WizMind Series products have excellent computing capacity and image quality to meet customers’ various requirements.

How important is it to develop solutions capable of both human and vehicle applications?

Until now, dealing with complex security problems related to the large flow of people and vehicles is still the top priority in the video surveillance industry. Our clients pay much attention to human and vehicle applications. People and vehicles actually cover a wide range of scope, not only in our daily life but also in some special fields.

For example, functions like Privacy Protection focus on protecting personal and property security while protecting privacy and can provide customers with the intelligent analysis. Video Metadata mainly focuses on human and vehicle attributes, which is primarily what our customers need as well. While other functions like Hydrological Monitoring and Industrial Temperature Measurement place emphasis on monitoring of environment, water areas, temperature change, etc.

Overall, the core purpose of these functions is to serve human needs, save labour costs and improve management efficiency, enabling a safer society and smarter living.

How does Dahua utilise video metadata, for example, to set rules and export reports?

Video Metadata can quickly filter the targets that users are interested in by using attributes analysis. The customers only need to enable the Video Metadata function in the AI configuration interface and add the configuration rules of people/vehicles/non-motor vehicles. In addition, the reports of numbers of different targets can be exported in the form of charts, which provides comprehensive visualised data.

This time, we have innovatively increased the number of non-motor vehicles’ attributes. Users can also export structured reports according to the moving direction of the target. We believe that Video Metadata can help various industries in terms of AI upgrading and improving data utilisation.

What are some of the major projects that have benefited from the technology in this series?

People Counting

Sample Scenario: In an important exhibition that attracts around 460,000 visitors, it is of paramount importance to ensure the safety of guests and attendees, especially in peak hours.

Our People Counting IPC provides accurate number of people flow, allowing the end user to monitor and control the scene based on both live and exported counting data.

Privacy Protection +

Sample Scenario: In order to better serve customers and accurately understand their needs, an automobile shop wants to use big data analysis to accurately grasp their customers’ preferences as well as Heat Map and People Counting functions to improve their sales. At the same time, the use of privacy protection functions is needed to protect customer privacy.

The IPC camera is equipped with People Counting, Heat Map and Privacy Protection functions that can be realised by a single device, saving equipment cost and construction wiring cost. This system brings the value of AI data to retailers in various industries while protecting customer privacy.

Video Metadata

Sample Scenario: In one project, the client needs to collect the number, direction and metadata of motor vehicles, non-motor vehicles and pedestrians on the main roads of town and roads around the city square. In addition, the collected data must be transmitted to the SFTP server to provide summary and feedback to relevant administrative department that can use the collected data to plan and manage streets.

The Dual-Sight IPC can simultaneously carry out the Video Metadata function and count the number, direction and attributes of people, vehicles and non-motor vehicles at the same time. Without the support of back end equipment, a single device can independently complete the work.

Moreover, the camera directly transmits data to the platform without collecting pictures and videos, which effectively protects the privacy of pedestrians in the scene.

Panoramic Surveillance 2023

Sample Scenario: A port is typically a broad scenario covering a large area. The requirements for coverage points and corrosion prevention are very high.

We developed a solution composed of around 200 anti-corrosion panoramic cameras installed all over the port, effectively ensuring the full coverage of the port and meeting the anti-corrosion requirements of the scene. The Hubble camera is responsible for high point scene monitoring, which focuses on both panoramic and detailed images for a more efficient command and dispatch.

The panoramic cameras are equipped with high performance aluminium alloy material and anti-corrosion coating to protect the equipment from corrosion and enable long product life.

What verticals and requirements do the solutions in the Dahua WizMind series target?

WizMind is a comprehensive concept. With various products and a complete ecosystem, you can use WizMind solutions in almost every field including retail, energy, finance and transportation.

It offers more products (e.g. network cameras, PTZ cameras, thermal cameras, etc.), allowing customers to freely choose what they really need based on their actual scenarios. WizMind provides more high end solutions to meet customers’ complex needs, such as privacy protection, attributes analysis, water level detection and so on, which other product series don’t support.

For example, in the energy industry (e.g. refinery plants, chemical plants and power plants), employees must wear personal protective equipment (PPE) at all times and must keep away from dangerous areas. Monitoring these daunting tasks is time-consuming and less effective when done manually.

The WizMind PPE Detection solution can detect staff in the workspace and check whether their clothes conform to the regulations. It can also send alarms if improper clothing or illegal entry has been detected.

Meanwhile, snapshots are taken by cameras for evidence, which are all searchable via the IVSS to identify the violator. This solution can help reduce the input of management personnel, realise 24/7 supervision and protect the personal safety of employees to a large extent.

How critical is it to develop solutions that can withstand harsh conditions?

The WizMind Series products are high end project-oriented products equipped with industrial-leading deep learning algorithms, high quality hardware and powerful software. For scenario applications with normal condition, products of our other series are already enough to meet customers’ basic needs; with regular price and excellent effect.

But, in some harsh or special conditions, WizMind can provide precise, reliable and comprehensive AI solutions. For example, in the oil and gas industry, explosive gas can occasionally cause accidents that can lead to a massive loss of property or even human life.

Ordinary cameras can sometimes produce electric sparks, which might bring the potential of explosions. It is difficult for people or ordinary cameras to discover abnormal events such as gas leakage caused by corrosion of pipes.

The WizMind thermal cameras – with ATEX and IECEx certifications – can detect temperature difference and change, achieve intelligent inspection and save people-power, resist external and internal explosion and so on. All of these special designs and functions make our cameras suitable for harsh environments to identify potential risks, present high quality images and realise a variety of intelligent functions.

1-ISJ- ISJ Exclusive: Precise, reliable and comprehensive AI solutions
Lisa Li, Product Manager, Dahua Technology

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