Hikvision announces update to its Hik-Connect 6 software

Hikvision announces update

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Hikvision has introduced updates to its Hik-Connect 6 cloud-based security software, enhancing its capabilities for improved security management.

One significant improvement is the extension of ‘Team Mode’ functionality to cover vehicles like buses, taxis and trucks.

Hikvision’s improvements

Additionally, the company‘s Motion Detection 2.0 has been integrated, adding intelligent person and vehicle search features to the system.

Users can now remotely manage onboard security systems for vehicles, monitor their interiors and surroundings and track their locations in real time.

License activation in Team Mode has been simplified and cloud-based backup and sharing of alarm videos are now available free of charge via a web portal.

According to the company, these updates demonstrate its dedication to enhancing its security software, providing users with more advanced features and easier management options.

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