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Hikvision unveils TandemVu PTZ camera range


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Hikvision has launched its new TandemVu PTZ camera range, which integrates PTZ and bullet camera capabilities into a single unit. This means that TandemVu PTZ cameras can monitor large areas and zoom in on specific security incidents while maintaining focus on both ‘viewpoints’ simultaneously. These cameras eliminate the need to deploy separate PTZ and bullet cameras in pairs.

Features and benefits of the TandemVu PTZ cameras

The TandemVu technology features Hikvision’s next-generation camera design, integrating multiple lenses in one unit to provide big picture and small details in tandem. The new TandemVu PTZ cameras offer a range of benefits vs. deploying stand-alone PTZ cameras, or pairs of PTZ and bullet cameras mounted together. These include:

100% security coverage with no ‘blind spots’
TandemVu PTZ cameras allow security teams to continue monitoring large areas with no interruptions, while simultaneously zooming in to monitor specific security incidents that occur. This ensures that there are never security blind spots related to PTZ zooming, tilting, or panning.

Extraordinary image performance
The cameras provide high-definition imaging with 2 x 4MP lenses and a super-wide view of 180°, with no image distortion (i.e., no curving of the image at the edges). Specifically, its bullet unit features Hikvision’s signature ColorVu technology, which provides crystal-clear, full-colour imaging 24/7; while its PTZ unit employs Hikvision DarkFighter technology that enables excellent HD colour images down to 0.0005 Lux – ensuring that every security incident is recorded in fine detail.

Optimised security based on smart automation
Engineered with intelligent AI, the cameras are able to differentiate between real security threats and innocent moving objects such as falling leaves, heavy rain, or animals moving. They can also differentiate vehicles and people and use smart linkages to check on trespassers as they move within the PTZ coverage, which is extremely useful for perimeter protection applications.

Customers can also rely on TandemVu PTZ cameras for more advanced security, thanks to its leading AI chipset that facilitates massive computing power. This allows more advanced deep learning algorithms available for complex scenarios, including automatic number plate recognition (ANPR), facial recognition, multi-target-type detection and others.

Highly effective sound and light alarms
TandemVu PTZ cameras incorporate a Live-Guard solution using sound and light alarms that warn would-be trespassers before they enter a site or building. This can help to prevent security incidents, helping organisations to protect their people and assets. 

PTZ and bullet capabilities in one unit for more efficiency and cost savings
TandemVu PTZ cameras significantly reduce installation, configuration and maintenance costs vs. separate PTZ and bullet cameras. Procurement costs compared to deploying PTZ and bullet cameras side-by-side is also reduced dramatically. As a result, Hikvision customers can achieve major cost savings with TandemVu.

The new Hikvision TandemVu PTZ cameras

The new offerings are now grouped into two product families that are suitable for different application and scenarios.

Top of the range SF8C series provide two bullet lenses for maximum coverage with 180° panoramic view and imaging quality powered by Hikvision ColorVu technology. They further incorporate top-notch AI algorithms for advanced intelligence. The cameras offer 42x optical zoom capabilities to focus on security incidents close-up. SF8C cameras are suitable for highways, airports, railway stations, city squares, scenic places and important infrastructure facilities such as power plants.

There are also SE7C series featuring one bullet lens that offers the extraordinary image performance and intelligent functions available with Hikvision ColorVu and AcuSense technologies. The cameras support up to 32x optical zoom, they are ideal for streets, industrial parks, farmland and parking lots.

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For more information about the Hikvision TandemVu PTZ camera range and how it can help an organisation take site security to the next level, please visit the website.

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