Heald improves Bridge Bollard System with the addition of new Expansion Joint Unit

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Heald Ltd – the UK designer and manufacturer of hostile vehicle mitigation security products – has developed an Expansion Joint Unit to enhance its Bridge Bollard System, designed to protect bridges and other locations which require an ultra-shallow mount from the threat of vehicle attacks. 

Bridge Bollard System & Expansion Joint Unit

Following the Bridge Bollard System’s launch in February 2020, the Expansion Joint consists of a 5400mm barrier that allows for installation over ground level fittings such as manhole covers that sit between the System’s nine interconnected bollards.

Heald’s Bridge Bollard System and Expansion Joint Unit has been crash-tested to stringent IWA-14 standards. The crash-test saw an 18 tonner N3C Vehicle, travelling at 30 mph, collide with the product at a 30-degree impact angle to simulate a real-life crash situation. During the crash test, the vehicle was deflected off the Expansion Joint and back into the road, also making it ideal for protecting from vehicles that may accidentally mount pavements, such as when in a collision.

Positioned between unique interlocking bollards, the design provides shared distribution of the load, while patent applied technology offers additional protection by anchoring the bollards into the ground upon impact, preventing the vehicle from penetrating the area the bollards are protecting. 

“The Expansion Joint will make a considerable difference”

While the product has been launched to address the challenges faced explicitly in protecting bridges, it is also ideal for any locations such as inner cities and footways where excavation or even bolting to the ground is impossible. Instead, the product is laid flush with the ground before paving stones or tarmac cover over the base plates. It requires no excavation and can be installed in just 45 minutes, excluding civil works.

Managing Director, Debbie Heald MBE, said: “We pride ourselves in bringing to market products which address the challenge of retrospectively fitting security products in the built environment. We are positive the addition of the Expansion Joint will make a considerable difference when it comes to hostile vehicle mitigation and accident prevention.”

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