Hanwha Vision integrates dual-light capabilities into its AI cameras

Hanwha Vision integrates dual-light

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Hanwha Vision has introduced dual-light capabilities in its intelligent Q Series AI cameras, featuring White LED lights and infrared, enhancing low light performance for outdoor areas while minimising costs and light pollution.

The QNE-C9013RL and QNE-C8013RL cameras integrate both light sources, eliminating the need for external illumination and reducing additional expenses.

Hanwha Vision’s addition

With a flat eye design for simplified installation, these cameras combine dual-light functionality with AI analytics, ensuring precise object detection, including vehicles and pedestrians, even in low-light conditions.

When activity is detected, the cameras seamlessly transition from discreet IR mode to warm white light, enhancing visibility and serving as a deterrent for suspicious behaviour.

The 3000K warm white LED light enables full colour capture at night without compromising image quality.

Moreover, with aperture ratios of F1.6 and F1.2, the cameras deliver exceptional low-light performance.

The company‘s integration of AI technology in the Q series cameras enhances accuracy in people and vehicle classification, reducing false alarms caused by irrelevant motion triggers.

This improvement in efficiency allows for more effective forensic searches and optimised recording bandwidth usage.

Additionally, the cameras feature AI-driven functions such as WiseStream III video compression and WiseNRII noise reduction, ensuring bandwidth reduction and minimising blur in noisy, low-light environments.

Alongside the Q series AI range, the dual-light Q series models offer business intelligence features like heatmap, people counting, vehicle counting and queue management, providing users with valuable insights for informed decision making and revenue enhancement.

The redesigned flat eye camera facilitates intuitive installation, allowing for quick adjustments in pan, tilt and rotation with minimal effort.

“Versatility, ease of use and cost effectiveness”

Pread Um (Suk Bong), Product and Marketing Director, Hanwha Vision said: “The Q series is well known for its versatility, ease of use and cost effectiveness.

“The latest additions to this line are no exception with the dual light feature, AI capabilities and powerful imaging resolution.

“Businesses will benefit from greater situational awareness, deep business intelligence, as well as a powerful deterrent for anti-social behaviour and crime, with AI working behind the scenes to alert them to any events that require their attention.”

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