Hanwha Vision unveils AI-powered retail security solution

Hanwha Vision unveils AI-powered retail security solution

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Hanwha Vision has unveiled its latest innovation with AI Public View Monitors (AI PVMs), revolutionising the retail landscape by integrating precise object detection and classification capabilities into its renowned line of PVMs.

The new 27 and 32-inch models, SMT-3231PV and SMT-2731PV, cater to various retail applications such as store entrances, shopping aisles and self-checkouts.

Hanwha Vision’s innovation

Hanwha Vision‘s AI PVMs serve dual purposes: Deterring criminal activity and enhancing loss prevention through visible surveillance, while also offering marketing opportunities via high-definition screens.

Equipped with intelligent video analytics powered by deep learning, the AI PVM range ensures precise object detection and classification.

Features like loitering and line-crossing detection alert operators to suspicious behaviour, safeguarding stockrooms and offices.

AI technology minimises false alarms and facilitates swift forensic search capabilities, thereby enhancing security team efficiency.

Additionally, people counting and queue management analytics provide insights to optimise the in store experience by assisting with staffing schedules and predicting peak periods.

Heat map analytics offer valuable insights into product placements and promotions within the store.

Retail safety

Retailers can leverage AI PVMs as an additional customer communications channel without the need for microSD or USB.

The screens support the display of logos, banners and up to ten images to promote products or special offers.

They can also display advertising messages or surveillance footage, with flexible picture in picture and picture by picture settings.

The monitors feature a built-in AI that switches from advertising to surveillance view when detecting human activity, effectively deterring shoplifting.

They can be adjusted to display in landscape or portrait mode, seamlessly blending into various interior designs.

Operators can remotely schedule the AI PVMs to power on and off at predefined times, simplifying configuration and management over the network.

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