Outsourced Global Security Operations Centre services from G4S

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In response to today’s rapidly evolving security risk landscape — terrorism, random acts of violence, fraud, insider threat, natural disasters and, of course, cyber attacks — a growing number of businesses are avoiding the cost of building out their own Global Security Operations Centres (GSOC) and outsourcing these services to support their business goals and operations.

Built with these businesses in mind, the G4S Security Risk Operations Center (SROC) pairs modern technologies with real-time intelligence, elite analyst support and a global network to help organisations mitigate risk and protect assets and people 24/7/365. By providing services from a dedicated location and leveraging a powerful AI engine, the G4S SROC decreases response time to quickly manage critical incidents and minimise business impact.

“Businesses are seeking robust and cost-effective services that leverage relevant data from trusted sources along with a trusted partner with the expertise and experience to deliver actionable intelligence to manage risk and protect assets,” said Jason David, G4S’ Senior Director of Intelligence & Security Risk Operations Center. “The SROC provides robust situational awareness, crisis, intelligence as a service, remote video monitoring and other critical services that enable security leaders to make informed decisions regarding employee safety and operational continuity.”

Key services of the G4S SROC:

INTELLIGENCE AS A SERVICE: Geopolitical risk experts leverage AI-augmented intel-gathering capabilities to provide real-time, actionable impact analysis, media monitoring and social/web/dark web monitoring that reduce risk and operational effort for any size organisation.

SITUATIONAL AWARENESS MONITORING & ALERTING: Analysts and operators leverage a powerful AI situational awareness engine to quickly equip stakeholders with the information they need — news, social media, government information — during a crisis.

SOCIAL MEDIA/DEEP WEB MONITORING: Analysts monitor across social media platforms as well as the open and deep web. This allows them to identify real-time and emerging threats to clients’ security, ranging from executive protection and asset management to reputational risk.

TRAVEL RISK MANAGEMENT: The team helps you manage employee safety and awareness from departure to return with pre-travel advisory intelligence reports and on-demand, pre-travel security briefings, geolocation tracking and alerting.

REMOTE VIDEO MONITORING: Highly trained and experienced operators leverage advanced technology to provide event monitoring, video verification, intrusion & life-safety, virtual patrol & chaperone, rapid video deployment and system diagnostic & retrieval.

EXECUTIVE PROTECTION & TRANSPORT: From natural disasters and civil unrest to workplace violence, the SROC delivers immediate assistance 24/7 during crises across the globe. Intelligence analysts provide critical resources, including armoured vehicles and air transport to secure and extract executives and business personnel.

GLOBAL SECURITY OPERATIONS CENTER (GSOC) AS A SERVICE: Fully outsourced or augmented GSOC solutions integrate travel risk management, situational awareness monitoring & alerting, intelligence as a service, global crisis management response, security data analytics and remote video camera & alarm monitoring.


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