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Global experts gather for Huawei Day KSA


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Huawei will host the global experts and leaders within the Kingdom’s ICT field at its sixth annual Huawei Day KSA event, held in the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Riyadh on 9 December, to discuss the latest technologies and how they can be applied to lead the way into Saudi Arabia’s digitally-driven future.

Digital transformation is a key component of unlocking major economic value and a significant contributor towards realising the diversification efforts – as well as the societal ambitions – of Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030.

During Huawei Day KSA 2019, numerous discussions and roundtables will be held, which will shed light on how digitisation, with the help of new technologies, can contribute to achieving the targets of the National Transformation Program (NTP), which aims at achieving governmental operational excellence, improving economic enablers and enhancing living standards through accelerating the implementation of primary and digital infrastructure projects and engaging stakeholders in identifying challenges, co-creating solutions and contributing to the implementation of the program’s initiatives.

An ecosystem partners’ roundtable will discuss the importance of building the ICT ecosystem in the Kingdom, in order to foster more open collaboration between public and private sectors. It will also hold discussion around engaging all related stakeholders to work towards facing the current challenges and addressing future requirements, ranging from building an ICT talent ecosystem to making progress towards creating the right ecosystem for the new key technologies such as AI, Big Data, Cloud and 5G, etc.

“The rapid application of digital technologies in the economy has produced wide-ranging benefits, which is especially evident in the digital economy, the highlight of the overall economy for many nations. The digital economy is becoming society’s new driving force of economic development and its growth rate in each country is higher than that of the overall (traditional) economy. Ubiquitous sensing, high speed connections and sharing of knowledge will lead to unpreceded growth and value creation. It is the path towards the digital economy and building a fully connected, intelligent world.” Said by Dennis Zhang, CEO of Huawei Tech.

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