GJD unveils new NETWORK Bridge designed to connect IP devices with 3rd party software

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GJD – manufacturer and designer of smart electronic perimeter detection and high-performance LED illumination equipment – is excited to announce the launch of its new NETWORK Bridge product.


The NETWORK Bridge has been designed to easily connect GJD IP devices with third party video management software and network compatible products, including Avigilon and other proprietary CCTV systems.

One of the key benefits of the GJD Bridge is that it easily integrates with Avigilon’s video management software providing access to 50 inputs and outputs, which enables many useful events such as the ability to receive alarms from GJD IP detectors or to control IP illuminators.

The Bridge works by using an Open Network Video Interface Forum (ONVIF) connection, between GJD IP enabled products and third-party systems, making it easier than ever to share events in the form of inputs and outputs over the network. Not only is the Bridge easy and quick to setup, it provides a seamless IP integrated solution for the end customer.

Another major benefit is its user-friendly web browser interface, which is used to discover GJD IP products on the same network as the NETWORK Bridge. Once discovered, GJD IP products can then be assigned to the 50 inputs and outputs to trigger or receive events within third party systems.

1-ISJ- GJD unveils new NETWORK Bridge designed to connect IP devices with 3rd party software

“Easy for users to integrate”

Ana Maria Sagra-Smith, GJD’s Sales and Marketing Director, commented: “The GJD NETWORK Bridge is housed in a heavy-duty compact housing, so it is very durable. We have already seen some fantastic installs as it is easy for users to integrate their GJD IP products with third party networked surveillance systems providing many solutions for end customers.”

Security Installers can use the NETWORK Bridge on their next project to easily integrate GJD security IP sensors and IP LED illuminators with supported networked systems, or simply use it to upgrade current projects to a seamless IP solution, this ultimately improves the overall experience and provides enhanced security for the end customer.

To request a product demonstration, contact [email protected] or call +44 (0) 1706 363 998. Visit https://www.gjd.co.uk/ for product codes and more detailed product information.

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