G4S provides expert security for Ecuador’s leading banks


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G4S is providing peace of mind in Ecuador for many leading banks through G4S-designed technology and a highly-trained workforce which meets rigorous international standards. 

In Ecuador, G4S is the preeminent provider of security for the country’s banks. Through the combination of highly trained people and G4S’s proprietary software application – CVP (Virtual Control of Posts) – G4S provides an unrivalled security offering.

“Over a number of years, we have developed our security control room application which is used by all our people on the ground and by our customers,’ said Elsa Zurita, Commercial Director for G4S in Ecuador. “In real-time, our team can communicate the latest information related to the different sites of operation across the country and provide relevant information that our customers need to know.”

CVP is operated on a mobile device such as a phone or tablet and a customer can be updated instantly about an ongoing incident and actions being taken by G4S. Many banks have multiple sites of operation across the country including offices, retail banks and ATM sites.

G4S uses a range of technology and people to protect the different buildings. Alarm monitoring is used widely and this is overseen and co-ordinated through the G4S central control room in Quito. Any alerts that are set off are notified to the relevant G4S and banking customer team so that swift action can be taken, where needed.

Banco Guayaquil

One banking customer, Banco Guayaquil, has 143 sites across the country which G4S secures. G4S has around 180 trained security officers providing services to the bank as well as protective services specialists, who accompany and protect senior members of the bank’s team when they travel to and from work and when they go abroad. 

A highly intuitive and Android-based system, CVP is easy for all that use it to become familiar with it very quickly. Personnel use it to update ‘quick task forms’, which capture data for shift handovers, multiple assignments for that day, virtual log books and visitor access control. It also has an instant messaging system, among many other features. 

“CVP allows customers to keep track in real-time of the information gathered by our operational personnel, as well as the visits made by supervisors. This provides them with a complete view of all the services we provide and reinforces trust,” said Elsa. 

“We work for a number of Ecuador’s biggest banks because we provide a very different and much more sophisticated proposition than others and we do this across all of Ecuador’s territories,” said Elsa. “Our customers, who may be part of multinationals themselves, expect the highest standards from their partners. We meet rigorous international standards in our financials and in the training and employment of our staff, often exceeding government regulations.”

Data interrogation

Data can be collated and reported relating to many different movements of people, vehicles and suppliers at any given site and this vast reservoir of information is monitored and interrogated for anomalies and potential concerns around-the-clock by G4S specialists. All of the information is stored in the cloud, reducing processing times. The software also allows the seamless integration of other technologies into the CVP, depending on the customer’s specific needs.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, additional features were added to the CVP app, allowing all communications to be shared directly with G4S employees, so that they know what to do in any given situation. 

“If an employee gets sick they can inform us through the app and we can provide support if needed,” said Elsa. “Our employees can also manage all their employment information and benefits through CVP which is safe and secure. They can also get in touch with the Human Resources team if they have any queries.”

Asset management

Through the app, customers can keep a track of their many assets such as laptops, phones, ATM’s and computers and other equipment of value. Customers are able to download reports in a range of formats so that they know where their assets are. Each asset is fitted with a QR Code allowing the CVP to track in real-time the exact location of equipment, supported by GPS capabilities. 

“Customers can evaluate compliance quickly and easily, using statistics we supply to generate their own reports and it means they can react to an emergency situation or incident relating to their assets quickly and hand-in-hand with G4S colleagues,” said Elsa. “Customers tell us that CVP helps them to continuously strengthen their internal security controls and procedures as the app is always adapted to their various and often complex needs.”


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