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Fortinet partners with BT to expand managed network services with secure SD-WAN


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BT is launching a new managed secure SD-WAN service powered by Fortinet, a global provider of broad, integrated and automated cybersecurity solutions, offering organisations networking and security in a single converged solution. The move highlights both companies’ commitment to delivering secure networking solutions that enable digital transformation.

SD-WAN allows organisations of all sizes to improve application and user experience while enabling the flexibility and cost benefits of a hybrid network. However, the network transformation made possible by SD-WAN leads to a wider attack surface, meaning traditional perimeter-based security is insufficient. Organisations that have chosen to solve this issue by overlaying security as an afterthought are realising they have introduced unnecessary cost, complexity and cyber risk into their network.

With the scale, pace and variety of cyberthreats continuing to grow at an alarming rate, BT will be enhancing its Managed Firewall service with the addition of Fortinet Secure SD-WAN, providing multi-national organisations with a solution that fully combines security and connectivity in a single appliance. BT experts support customers at every stage of deployment and operation, from initial set-up and roll-out through ongoing monitoring, management and enhancement.

BT provides a consistent level of service for organisations’ differing digital maturity, infrastructures and business needs. With all functions managed as a single entity, it allows customers to simply add devices and infrastructure to their network, giving them flexibility and agility to respond to market changes and growth. Through continuing threat assessment and detection, BT can also support customers by identifying and preventing attacks and mitigate damages should a breach occur.

Fortinet Secure SD-WAN provides a number of clear benefits, including:

Improved performance and experience: Can be configured to prioritise business-critical traffic and real-time services for optimised network and application performance, while also accelerating the adoption and integration of cloud services.

Efficient operations: Customers can manage all sites, troubleshoot and enable Secure SD-WAN to new and existing branches easily using a single-pane-of-glass interface.

Natively integrated security: Combines SD-WAN and security capabilities in a unified solution to preserve the security and availability of the network.

Reduced costs and improved ROI: By deploying a single integrated security and network WAN Edge solution which enables accelerated convergence, customers benefit from both reduced costs and improved return on investment.

BT and Fortinet have worked as partners for over a decade to develop and deliver solutions for organisations looking to secure their network transformation. With many organisations continuing to adapt to a distributed and remote workforce model, BT and Fortinet work collaboratively to provide customers with secure access to applications and workloads, while extending zero trust controls from their network to the Cloud Edge via SASE.


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