Everbridge and Brown & Brown enter into a first-of-its-kind collaboration


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Everbridge, Inc. and Brown & Brown have announced the development of a first-of-its-kind product that helps enable property and casualty insurance customers to benefit from proactive advanced alerting of events that may impact their insured properties, including recommendations on the actions that could be taken to minimise disruption, cost or potential threats to personal safety.

Brown & Brown, one of the top five independent insurance brokers in the US, will launch the new product later this year, leveraging Everbridge’s CEM platform to help their customers mitigate critical events before they occur.

“Brown & Brown is unveiling an industry-first product in the property and casualty insurance market that offers a proactive approach to mitigating loss,” said Eric Kasen, President of Brown & Brown, MA. “Everbridge’s unique risk intelligence data allows Brown & Brown to offer our customers advanced notifications to help protect property and people, as well as best practices and recommendations to limit or mitigate impact. We find significant value in being able to provide ongoing engagement with our customers – in advance of, during and after a critical event.”

An early release of this product is already in use by a FORTUNE 500, multi-national manufacturer to notify security managers at more than 200 of its facilities across the US of oncoming severe weather, wildfires, flooding or other events that could impact their operations and people.

“As the market leader in risk intelligence and software for managing critical events, Everbridge is the ideal strategic partner for us to engage in bringing this unique product to market,” continued Kasen. “This offering is the first in a series of innovative technology-enabled products and services being developed through our collaboration with Everbridge, with the goal of introducing a cyber-insurance product soon.”

Today, Everbridge supports more than 6,000 enterprise customers with Critical Event Management (CEM) software applications that automate and accelerate organisations’ operational response to critical events. Everbridge CEM leverages more than 450 out-of-the-box, pre-existing integrations and more than 25,000 risk data sources, for organisations to gain situational awareness, act faster and improve outcomes such as enabling and protecting revenue streams, increasing profitability through expense efficiencies, bolstering brand and reputation, driving operational improvements and fulfilling Duty of Care.

“Brown & Brown will now be able to provide its customers a unique offering that can help to reduce their risk profile,” said Dominic Jones, Senior Vice President of Partnerships & Alliances at Everbridge. “Technology has the power to reshape the insurance industry through applying risk intelligence and situational awareness to what innovative leaders like Brown & Brown can offer their customers. Working together, Everbridge and Brown & Brown can bring differentiated solutions for property and casualty insurance to market, providing a means for helping maintain business continuity and resilience, even before an event occurs.”

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