Energy providers encouraged to deploy security solutions


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Kingston Technology Europe Co LLP is encouraging energy providers to counter emerging threats by deploying new, innovative security solutions, including in the MENA region.

The energy sector – which is a primary target for cyber criminals – is heavily reliant on complex digital infrastructure and its data, as well as rising prices and geopolitical motives, make it extremely vulnerable.

In recent months, nations across the MENA region have been proactive in their efforts to ensure energy sector resilience and cyber-attack preparedness. The Abu Dhabi Department of Energy (DOE) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Cyber Security Council to enhance UAE energy sector security in October 2022.

Meanwhile, Saudi Arabia hosted the Global Cybersecurity Forum the following month, where the Kingdom highlighted widespread energy sector vulnerabilities and the need for international collaboration to permanently address long standing and evolving frailties.

However, more must be done to combat cyber-threats and regional companies can contribute by taking adequate steps to protect themselves.

Antoine Harb, Team Leader, Middle East, Kingston Technology remarked: “Although many benefits accompany digital transformation, embracing the trend is not without its discrepancies – a fact substantiated by the volume of cyber-attacks being witnessed within the energy sector.

“The increasing threats industry incumbents are experiencing can prove detrimental should their security systems be breached, with potential repercussions ranging from reputational damage and financial losses to strained client relationships and regulation compliance shortcomings.

“As such, ensuring security systems are secure and regularly undergo audits is paramount.”

With IP and critical data protection a non-negotiable necessity for energy companies, Kingston Technology maintains that encrypted threat protection solutions can help bridge security gaps, mitigate risks and complement organisation’s security strategies, providing a robust surface of protection through an easy-to-integrate encryption process.

By carrying out a comprehensive IT security assessment across their entire device portfolio, energy providers can verify their current security status.

Should they be categorised as ‘high risk’, they can pursue corrective action, establishing policies and deploying security solutions as part of a revised endpoint device management strategy.

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